WANTED: 5 good people

By Mark Zee


Hey! We want to work with

have fun with 5 good people.

We’re looking for a Storyteller, a Shopkeeper, a Designer, a Reporter, and a Coder.

Might that be you?



A Storyteller.

Through social media, help us engage, entertain, and delight our fans. Tell powerful stories, curate useful content, and make our messages heard. Figure out the best way to showcase what we do. What time to post things. What platform to use. How to reach more people. How to help more people. How to strike a balance between entertaining and informing. Videos or pictures? More text or less?

Superpowers you might have: Hootsuite, SocialFlow, or Meet Edgar? Copywriting, designing, and perhaps a slight social media addiction.
Time: About 20 hours a week – some weeks more, some weeks less (mainly decided by you).


A Shopkeeper.

We like making useful things. And we have an online store that we put these in. People seem to like the things we make. Help us by making this store easy for people to find stuff and engaging to browse through. Write clear product descriptions. Show us mistakes we’ve made. Think of more things we can put in there. Write some emails for regular shoppers to tell them about new things or stuff they might have missed.

Superpowers you might have: Shopify and Squarespace. Product copy.
Time: About 20 hours a week – some weeks more, some weeks less (mainly decided by you).


A Designer.

We tell aviation stories – some technical, some critical, some just entertaining. But in all, we want to tell the story beautifully. Are you a fan of big white space? Do you love Helvetica more than is healthy? Do you wake up in the morning and draw, paint, think, create? Do you know how to bring color and life to what might otherwise be dull information?

Superpowers you might have: Sketch and Photoshop. Making beautiful art.
Time: About 15 hours a week – some weeks more, some weeks less (your choice).


A Reporter.

Tell our 5000+ members, and 50,000+ readers, what’s happening right now, today, and this week, in Flight Operators. Our membership is mainly pilots, dispatchers, controllers, and ‘officials’. Most of our intel comes from members, so you’ll curate, research, and verify the new operational information each day by monitoring Slack, emails, and doing your own digging into new stories. Your work will go into our Daily Brief, Weekly Bulletin, and live ops-alerts for members.

Superpowers you might have: Deciphering AIC’s and Notams, a critical eye for the difference between ‘interesting’ and critical when it comes to operational information.
Time: 6 hours a day, 30 hours a week, maybe 3 hours in the am and 3 in the afternoon.
Location: Somewhere that’s east of Hawaii and west of Hungary, so you can work with our primary team.


A Coder.

Much of our usefulness comes from the Venn diagram intersection of Aviation Intelligence and Intelligent Technology. In other words, you’ll build great things using the best of today’s applications that pilots and dispatchers will find useful. 75% of this is web app based, within WordPress sites.

Superpowers you might should have: PHP, MySQL, JS, Python, WordPress, clean clear code (obviously), and probably a well used Stack Overflow account 🙂 Full-ish stack, more front than back end.
Time: 20-30 hours a week. You decide when.


Interested already?

Shortcut for you! Apply right now, below …. (or use this link for a new window)


And us? What is OPSGROUP?

Thanks. Great question. OPSGROUP is a membership organisation (or secret society, if you prefer) of Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, Flight Dispatchers, Managers, Government Officials, and other dedicated people that realise that sharing information on dangers and changers is what keeps us all safe. We come together to make aviation more human-friendly for all of us.

Read 5 stories that tell our story

5 people that are members of OPSGROUP

  • Tim flies a shiny new Gulfstream 650, and is based in Hartford, but visits every continent. He’s part of a small pilot group, and keeping up with what’s new is tough. Seems like there’s more stuff each year. He relies on OPSGROUP to tell him what’s important, whether that’s getting across the North Atlantic, or figuring out what airport in Singapore is the best one to use.
  • Cathy works at the Civil Aviation Authority in the UK. It’s just as hard for them to keep up with developments in international aviation that affect them, so she keeps a watchful eye on the Weekly Bulletin to see what’s new.
  • Mboko is in the Operations Control Center at the national airline of Angola. They operate to lots of places in Africa, but also abroad, and getting to read reports from other members on N’Djamena and Nairobi helps him keep their aircraft, crew, and passengers safe.
  • Gwen is a pilot on the A380 at Emirates. This giant aircraft can fly for 15 hours, which means crossing 25 countries and therefore getting a briefing package the size of a Sears Catalogue. OPSGROUP allows her to just get the critical stuff, so she has a running start at understanding the challenges that might pop up on this flight.
  • Eric is a Flight Dispatcher for a large airline. He’s the first to read the OPSGROUP Daily Brief each morning, so he’s the one that the office managers usually turn to for help on new topics.


5 Things We Make that people ❤️

5 Things We Like

  • Humour. Funny is fun.
  • Coffee. Should be first, probably, but yes – coffee unites aviation like nothing else. Our current favorite place for this is Laughing Man in New York.
  • Clarity. If I can’t read it, I can’t understand it. And if I’m a pilot, that’s bad news.
  • Goats. Which is why we ran a Goat Show last year.
  • Aviation. Watch this video.


Are you the superhero we’re looking for? Yes?



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Mark Zee

Mark Zee

Founder of OPSGROUP, and a former airline pilot, ATCO and flight dispatcher. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Email me at mark.zee@ops.group.

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