Report-A-Thing is a new thing to report stuff

By Mark Zee


We love a good snitch here at OPSGROUP.

The Daily Brief, Weekly Bulletin, Ops Alerts – pretty much everything we put out usually comes from one helpful member sharing something new.


Introducing the Report-A-Thing

We just built this. It’s new. Prepare to be amazed.

Currently operating with 2Mb of RAM and an 80Mb HDD, this machine is fully set up and ready to go. You can use Report-A-Thing to share new useful things with the rest of the group, and do so anonymously.

Try it out, and bookmark the address: OPS.GROUP/RAT



What should I share?

  • Something new, something dangerous, something risky
  • Something that will annoy other pilots (like a new parking procedure at TEB)
  • Something that affects airspace risk or security
  • Something shady
  • Something scary
  • Something interesting

Up to you. If you read the Daily Brief, you’ll know what kind of stuff appears there: so … that type of thing.



Are there other ways to report stuff?




More on the topic:

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Mark Zee

Mark Zee

Founder of OPSGROUP, and a former airline pilot, ATCO and flight dispatcher. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Email me at

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