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Hi everyone!

On October 17th we’ll unveil the OPSGROUP member stand at Las Vegas for NBAA 23.

Looks weird already, right? It’s only going to get worse. But we’re here to meet members, give out some good merch, share a few stories over a coffee, so the stand is just a fun backdrop. Got better ideas for it? Tell us!

VOLUNTEERS PLEASE! We also want a few volunteer members to help run the stand during the show! We’ll have a lot going on, and if you can spare an hour, please volunteer.

And if you’re headed Vegas way, the next two things will also be fun for you!

No, not those two things (but we will have even better member freebies to hand out …), these two things:


#1 V-FOG: Vegas Flight Ops Group

Is this you?

Day 1, 9 am: It’s SHOW DAY!! YAY!!! Doors open, great, lots of stuff to go see and people to meet.
12 pm: Hmmmmmm. Now what.
1 pm: Line up for 20 minutes for a $35 sandwich.
2 pm: This actually sucks.

Yeah well, same as all of us. What if there was a WhatsApp group just for Flight Ops folks in Vegas? Then we could share the good stuff! Tell each other what’s worth seeing, who’s got the good merch, which airplanes are out at the static, where the free charts drinks are … you know. And keep you posted on any pop-up Cockpit Cocktails and meetups at the OG stand …

This is aviation, we need special acro-names, so let’s call it …

You in? Just ping us your number and we’ll add you to the V-FOG group. Now you’re part of the show, and not just a floating attendee!


#2 NBAA23 Flight Ops Treasure map …

Continuing the theme … The NBAA Convention Halls can be a bit of a quagmire. Plenty of salesmen in cheap suits, bad coffee, and weird GPU-washing machines.

For us flight ops folks, our interests are different. So let’s make a map together. What’s good around the halls? What stands are you planing to visit? Cool airplanes, good free stuff (do Lufthansa still have the best lanyards?), interesting stands … tell us what should make the cut for the map. We’ll have them on hand at the stand, but we need your help to suggest the “best of show”.

Email us at vegas@ops.group with the good stuff. If you’re operating a stand and have a useful event for pilots/dispatchers, let us know!


More to come on Vegas, stay tuned!



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