OPSGROUP at NBAA2023 – your checklist & QRH



Key points
  • The whole OPSGROUP team will be there. You better come see us.
  • Download the OPSGROUP NBAA23 QRH
  • Check off the Checklist items below

The show is almost here! OPSGROUP has a special members stand for you at NBAA 2023. There’s a lot to look forward to, and as always, our focus is on our member pilots and flight dispatchers.

Also, as always, we’ll use as few words as possible to tell you what not to miss. We warmly invite you to visit the members booth – meet the team and other members – and we reallllly look forward to seeing you there!

Start by downloading the OPSGROUP QRH for NBAA 2023.

Now, go through the checklist … then you’ll be up to speed on the happenings at the show.


Checklist Item #1 – Get Merch

We’re paying the excess baggage and hauling suitcases full of merch to NBAA. Dodgy Flight bag stickers, unfunny T-shirts, Crew stickers, Trucker Caps (freight dog style) – all the usual junk plus some actually decent gear.

Members: Reserve some OPSGROUP gear for yourself. Lots of fun stuff that will probably go fast: if you’d like to make sure you at least get a couple of things, let us know you’re coming and we’ll put some aside for you. You can also designate someone else to come by and schlep your junk home.


#2 – Join V-FOG

Join the Vegas WhatApp group for Flight Ops: Pilots and Dispatchers. Just send a WhatsApp to +1 747 200 1993 and say “V-FOG!” and you’ll be added to the group.

Welcome to V-FOG! Nobody’s “running” this, it’s just a super informal group for flight crews at the show, so we can tell each other where the free drinks are. No ads, no “visit our booth! 😁”.

Ask a question (‘how do I get to the static’ will be #1), get directions, share some interesting talks coming up, or a selfie of you on a BBJ, good stuff. Might work out well, might be awful … let’s see how this goes.




#3 – Cockpit Cocktails: OPSGROUP Member Meetup 

1030 every morning

Come along to the OPSGROUP Member Meetup at 10:30 am Tues, Weds, and Thurs.

Hang out for a bit with some other members, play Nintendo, name the fish (don’t win the fish), play chart-changer, inspect some vintage memorabilia, dress up in your favorite outfit (costume closet at the booth), add yourself to the polaroid wall.

Codeword “Ramp Check” for a free dash of  “Irish Cream” in your coffee.



#4 – Three Games (okay four)

  • Name the Fish, Win the Fish – star of the show will be the OPSGROUP fish. It needs a name. To enter, just grab any free item of merch, and give him a name. There will be a winner – and the risk is, it might be you. Don’t stress, we’ve checked with TSA and live fish are permitted on board the aircraft. We’ll even give you a carry case and plastic bag.
  • Chart Changer – Make your mark on the new OPSGROUP Pacific Plotting Chart, or the updated NAT chart.
  • SNES champ – We have an original Nintendo in the members lounge. 2 player games: battle it out for the hotseat. Super Mario, and the original Top Gun!
  • Oh, and a fourth game: Dave’s International Ops Quiz. Every day at 11:30. There are some epic prizes here.



#5 – Join the International Federation of Okay Pilots 

We’ll have a representative from I.F.O.K.P. at the OPSGROUP members stand.

You can join (for free) at the show, and get your welcome pack, sticker, and the flight crew Zine, #2 Bleed Hot Caution.

Since first being published, #2 Bleed Hot Caution has been banned in nine countries. I.F.O.K.P. have therefore affixed a warning label to this edition.

There is a limited number of zines available, so once again for OPSGROUP members: Reserve one for yourself. Let us know you’re coming and we’ll make sure to put one aside for you.





#6 – We are here. Where are you?

We’re at N2127. Find us in the show directory here, which will help you navigate your way to the member stand.


#7 – Volunteers please!

We have a handful of member volunteers already, but could really do with a few more! If anyone wants to help out at the members stand for an hour during the show, please let us know! This is an easy & fun hour – you’ll take care of saying “hi” to members dropping in, show them around, give out some fun merch, and help coordinate some of the Quiz’zes and games at the booth. Just email vegas@ops.group.


See you all soon! Any questions, ping us at vegas@ops.group. We’ll also be in the V-FOG group (join that here – just WhatsApp “V-FOG”) .

Cheers – the OPSGROUP Team



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