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Hi! We closed to new membership on November 30th, 2020.
We expect to reopen sometime in 2021. If you’d like notification of when that happens, add your name to the waitlist below.
If you are an existing member and have any questions about membership, please email Thanks!


We are 7000 strong, and we welcome you. Joining us is simple.


Daily Brief

Every morning, across 18 categories - the latest operational changes in wonderfully simple English.

The famous International Ops Bulletin

Once a week, everything distilled into one short, sharp bulletin.

Airport Spy

Thousands of reports on Handlers, ATC, and Airports from members, much like Trip Advisor. Plus, FBO Covid-19 reports.

Safe Airspace

After MH17, we learned we have to share what we know. This is where that happens. The only truly independent summary of airspace risk that exists.


Our ops bot. On your phone. Ask him about an airport, country, or topic and he'll tell you what he knows - permits, weather, trip reports, risks, new procedures.

Slack connect

Thousands of our members use our Slack channels to connect. If you are Marco in Milan and you manage an A330 fleet, then you'll find Bev in Brisbane doing the same thing. She'll help you. And you'll help her. Simple, right?

Go Crow

The only map you'll need to squeeze all the good information out of the group. Tell the crow where you're going and get every bit of operational data we have - Spy reports, ops alerts, airspace warnings, latest changes, permits needed, block time and fuel.

Lucky Star Chicken

Have you tried the Goat Curry? Members get confirmed seating at the now internationally famous Lucky Star Chicken Restaurant of Berlin. Not everything is as it seems in OpsGroup.

Ops Alerts

Ops Alerts are Level 1 (big deal) or Level 2 (you should know). Get them on your phone, in slack, or in the Dashboard.

My First Flight (and other good reads)

When the feds make life tough, we simplify the rules. We write very simple guides for members, like "My First North Atlantic Flight is Tomorrow".

Magic Maps

Picture, 1000 words. Map, even better. We love making them. Members get all of them for nada. NAT Plotting Chart. Airspace Risk Map. World Permit Map. And so on.

Dashboard and emails (but not too many)

There's a ton of stuff here, so you get a neat Dashboard to manage it all. Log in and you'll see all the changes on the front page. You also get personal emails with Level 1 alerts, the Daily Brief, Weekly Bulletin, and Member Mail.


We'll help you find your voice to do two important things - help others by sharing what you know, and make change happen. All members get an equal say.

Questions answered

Is Iran safe to overfly? Can I operate a G650 to Antarctica? Which airport in Singapore is better suited to a charter flight? What's needed for a ramp check in Vienna? An answer you can trust always comes from real people that have done it before.

Give, and receive

When you join the group, we just ask one thing. When you know something that others should know, you share. In return for this promise, you get a long list of very very awesome things!