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If you’re currently flying as an airline crew member, you might be able to avail of a special OPSGROUP membership.

As an airline pilot, you are already well supported by your ops department, and so we understand that some alerts and briefings will already be handled by them for you.

However, you’ll still find plenty of useful material, briefings, and alerts that keep you safe and directly informed of new risks and changes – as well as access to Danger Club, The I.F.O.K.P., and other fun stuff. You’ll get a full membership with Dashboard access, and a Daily Brief, Weekly Bulletin, and special alert emails.

We also love having more operating crew as members, because you can keep us all informed about what you’re seeing down the line.

So, we have a special rate for airline crew. To avail of this, just complete the airline application form below. If you have any questions, just email membership@ops.group. If your airline is not on the list, email us and we’ll see about adding it.




You can also open the application form in a new window.



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