Member Meetup: July 3rd – Agenda



Member Meetup – July 3rd
  • OPSGROUP Meetup starts at 1900 UTC today
  • New member intros, Ops Topics, Workshop, OPSGROUP Updates
  • Final Agenda below: highlights are GPS Spoofing, NAT Chat, Euro Summer Ops


Hi all, here is the final agenda for today’s Member Meetup at 1900 UTC (Wednesday 3rd July)

Abbreviated Agenda

  • Welcome!
  • What’s all this about then? Quick intro to Member Meetup
  • New members – 968 new people so far this year, a round of hello’s, intro’s, where you are and what you fly or operate
  • OPS Topics – group discussion and action items
    • GPS Spoofing – discussion, locations, OEM updates, IRS/Hybrid infection, plan for Workshop on the issue.
    • NAT Chat – discussion of changes in 2024, RCL/OCR, Don’t Climb problem, NAT jamming.
    • Euro Summer – discussion of major pain points in Europe this summer: parking issues, ATC Strikes, CPDLC logon lists,  EU LISA.
  • Workshop Projects – EVS vs LED lights, Stand Guidance, GPS Spoofing, Euro First time ops, and suggestions for new projects
  • OPSGROUP Update – Report-A-Thing, Daily Brief changes, Below The Line Workshop, GoCrow/Route Check
  • Danger Club – conversations about cockpit happenings we normally don’t talk about. New series, suggestions for incidents.
  • Meetup Notepad: shared Google Doc


How do I take part?

  • Meetup starts at 1900 UTC, Wednesday 3rd July – that’s 1500 New York, 2000 London, 2100 Amsterdam, 2300 Dubai.
  • Register for the call here.
  • For full Meetup info, visit the Meetup page in your Dashboard.
  • If you have any issues registering or accessing the link, just email team



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