OPSCHAT Summary 12 April

By Opsgroup Team


Hi Members,

It was another busy OPSCHAT call this week – with a fun new addition.

You can watch the full replay on your Member’s Dashboard.

Here’s a quick summary of what we talked about:

  • Russia – SITA are cancelling their VHF services from April 11. So no more SITA run VHF/VDL or datalink. There was also an air prox event between a civilian airliner and military fighter near the Latvian border – spill over effects from the conflict in Ukraine are still a big issue!
  • Europe –  Strikes and staff shortages. The perfect post-Covid storm. Suddenly the industry isn’t quite ready for Easter, so now it’s one big mess. UK fuel shortages hopefully resolving by end of the week. GPS jamming, yep still an issue, we’ve written a handy Opsicle about it you can find here.
  • Japan – It’s opening to rest of world, but not for tourists yet. Crew entry rules are causing confusion. No clear answer on this yet. If anyone has news, please share it with us.
  • USA – Big closures at KASE/Aspen and KJAC/Jackson Hole. Russian military exercise has been affecting NOPAC routes in the Anchorage FIR. Alphabet Soup – the FAA are changing up their flight planning codes to cover new PBN RNP1 NAV advanced capability stuff. Watch this space for an update on it.
  • And something for fun. Opschats now have a quiz involved! And there are prizes to be won (good prizes, exciting prizes, prizes worth winning. Well, we think so.) All ops related questions of course.

Congratulations to our first ever winner!

As always, the team is here to help with any operational support, info or questions. You can reach us on news@ops.group, or via the slack channels #flightops and #questions.

To watch the replay of the OPSCHAT in full: head over to the dashboard. We hold a new one every week on Tuesdays at 2000z, click here to register and join us live. See you next week!


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