OPSCHAT Summary May 31

By Chris Shieff


Hi Everyone,

It was another great OPSCHAT call this week hosted by Rebecca, with the help of returning quiz master Dave.

You can watch the full replay on your Member’s Dashboard.

Here’s a roundup of what we talked about:

The Big News

  • Sri Lanka – A new VCCF Notam has been issued telling operators to tanker in fuel. A domestic crisis there has lead to widespread fuel shortages along with security issues. We talk about alternative options for fuel stops.
  • East China Sea – Unverified footage emerged this week of a missile launch filmed from the flight deck of a commercial airliner. No official sources have released a statement. Real or not, we briefly touch upon the ongoing dispute in the region and what to look out for.
  • Canada – Construction is causing delays at CYYZ/Toronto. But in better news, a new list of 47 smaller airports has been published which can now be used as a point of entry.
  • Bermuda – A TCAS mandate is on the horizon for next year. Some aircraft will be exempt – we take a look at the specifics.
  • The NAT – A military exercise will affect some tango routes on June 1 and 2 – keep an eye on the Notams if you’re flying those tracks in the next 48 hours. [NOW CANCELLED]

Unsolved Mysteries

Bahamas: The new ‘Click2Clear’ system has left us scratching our heads. Does anyone have solid intel on who needs to use it, and who doesn’t?

EU LISA: That old chestnut. We still don’t have all the answers, but we’ve received a solid update, and discuss the latest we know.


Dave was back to host this week’s OPSQUIZ. Congrats to this week’s winner, “Leroy”. A juicy prize is on its way to you…

As always, we’re here to help with any operational support, info or questions. You can reach us on news@ops.group, or via the slack channels #flightops and #questions.

To watch the replay of the OPSCHAT in full: head over to the dashboard. We hold a new one every week on Tuesdays at 2000z, click here to register and join us live. See you next week!


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Chris Shieff

Chris Shieff

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