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Join the weekly international ops call!

OPS CHAT is a conversation about this week’s changes and dangers affecting International Flight Ops, open to everyone!

It’s on every Tuesday at 1300 UTC.

It’s for Pilots, Dispatchers, ATC, and anyone else involved in international ops – and here are the key things we look at every week:

  • New risks and changes this week affecting airspace, ATC, airports, and international ops
  • The top 5 Ops Alerts published for OpsGroup members this week
  • Conversation and chat
  • Unsolved mysteries – unanswered questions from the Ops Group/Flight Ops slack channels.
  • New member intros and group updates
  • A general Q&A – bring a good Q and we’ll match it with an A.

When is it on? Tuesday at 1300 GMT/UTC/Z. That means: 6am LA (sorry!), 9am New York, 2pm London, 3pm Amsterdam. Bring a timezone appropriate drink (If you’re in a Brooklyn a coffee, if you’re in Berlin a coffee martini?) and join us for a group chat about all things ops.

OPS CHAT - register


If you’re stuck on something in particular (a pesky overflight permit for Peru, perhaps …) – ask your question and we’ll find someone that knows. For the weeks highlights, we’ll pop up a few maps and things to help show what’s happening, but mostly this is really just a chat and pretty casual. As you might have gathered.

How long is it on for? Ah, 30 minutes maybe? Or longer if things get interesting.

How do I join? You will need:

  • 1x computer device (example here)
  • Electrical power
  • A face (because we like seeing you)
  • A watch (set an alarm for Tuesday 12.59Z)
  • Aaaand a Zoom registration: here.

So in short – register and then show up. Turn on your video, and take part. Easy!

Any other questions? Email the team!






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  • chris says:

    Thanks guys. My Twin Comanche (i.e. a PA 30) is based in Sydney, but I really enjoy reading all the ins and outs of operating around Europe. She has a range of 900 nm at 160 knots, so maybe one day…!

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