The June OPSGROUP Open Mic



We are changing up our Opschats

Why? Well partly because we are tired of our own voices, but mainly because we want to hear from you!

Don’t panic

We are not going to ask people to sing, tell jokes, or entertain everyone. We are going to ask folk to bring their own ideas, questions and (aviation) topics of conversation because we think our chats should be a chance to talk about the subjects you want to talk about.

If you don’t fly regularly to the Tigray region then a 10 minute update on what is happening there might not be want you want to hear.

Maybe you are more interested in the latest change to the North Atlantic? Or maybe you have had issues finding parking at LDSP/Split and want to ask anyone if they know of an alternative?

Perhaps you are about to fly to a new airport and want some intel? Or maybe you are actually routing through Tigray soon and you do want that update…

So, what are the pressing aviation industry issues for you?

We want to hear them because OPSGROUP is about that – it is about trying to tackle those things that are making aviation less safe, less friendly, less human.It is about connecting the community and sharing the info and expertise, the experience and the ideas.

And we find that sometimes, when we stop talking and listen, that is when the best ideas are discovered.

It’s a good new look

So we invite you to our Open Mic

An OPSGROUP chat where we won’t be giving the info, or leading the conversation, but we will be asking you to offer up some comments.

We also thinking hearing what other information can we share and what else would you want to find from OPSGROUP would be interesting.

And if you don’t have answers for those then just come along for the hello, bring a beer if you like, and see if anything pops into your head.

When: June 21 at 1300 UTC (9am New York, 2pm London, 5pm Dubai, 9pm Singapore).

How to attend: Reserve your spot here! Members only. We won’t be recording these sessions, so it’s very much a “be there or be square” kinda situation 😊

What would you like to discuss? What could OPSGROUP do to help you? What’s the barrier to your next flight? Let’s talk about it, and see who else is struggling with the same thing (you’re never alone!)

See you there!

Opschat replay

If you missed last week’s Opschat – members can now watch the replay via the dashboard.
We talked about:
  • Some of the latest ops alerts: Greenland diversion fees, Suriname ATC strike, the Mali military coup, DRC volcanic ash, Russia permit tomfoolery, and the really big news about Europe starting to open up to travel again.
  • We also covered the strikes coming up in Greece, UK, Paris, Portugal, and Italy.
  • We discussed the recent Albania ATC farmout, and the Belarus situation (politics or risk?)
  • We touched on recent Safeairspace hotspots Israel and Saudi/Yemen.
  • Some new things we’re working on: Airport LowdownsRelief Air Wing, and Open Mic chats.

More on the topic:

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