OPSCHAT Summary 01 MAR



Hello members,

We had a rather busy OPSCHAT call this afternoon; here is an outline of the topics discussed.
– The full call is available to replay in your Members Dashboard: OPSCHAT 01MAR Recording.
– The full text summary of the discussion points, with useful links and FAQ, is here: OPSCHAT Call Summary 01MAR.

Topics discussed:

  • Russian operator ban – We clarified some of the rules regarding who specifically is affected. EU definition, impact on operators, impact on Russian passport holders, how this is already working in practice. FAQ on sanctions also uploaded.
  • Russia Reroutes – Many operators looking at new routes and unfamiliar airports. Caution especially Himalyan routes if these are unfamiliar – high terrain, challenging airports. OPSGROUP preparing some specific guidance to assist
  • Polish Airspace – Area of concern in south east portion of Warsaw FIR. High level of military activity. Short notice airspace closures are happening in Poland, be prepared – especially in the northern part of Polish airspace.
  • Aircraft stuck in Russia – Discussion regarding leased aircraft and other foreign aircraft potentially being held in Russia.
  • OPSGROUP assistance – Offer from Team to assist where possible with any operational support, information, questions – as well as #flightops or #questions in the OPSGROUP Slack channels.

Please see the full text summary and recording in the Dashboard for full details.


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