March 16th will see the official opening of UUBW/Moscow Ramenskoye to civilian flights, after a long history of serving as an experimental design base for both military and civil aircraft, with most Russian OKB’s having a base on the airfield.

The main runway 12/30 is 5,402 metres, making it the second longest runway in the world, second only to ZUBD/Qamdo Bamda in Tibet (that one is 5500m).

Ramenskoye will be the fourth International Civil airport in Moscow, and will provide an additional alternative to Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo, and Vnukovo.  It is also known as Zhukovsky, and hosts the MAKS Airshow every two years.

The data: ICAO: UUBW, IATA: ZIA, Runway Length: 5402m, Elevation: 404ft, Operator: Ramport.


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