Russian CAA website taken offline

By Rebecca Lougheed


On March 29, the entire Russian Civili Aviation Authority website went offline. Hackers are saying they managed it, Russian media is saying it is down to restructuring.

Either way the website currently isn’t available, so if you need to get in touch it will have to be via good old fashioned postal service or AFTN.

What’s offline? currently isn’t responding. This is the ‘Rosaviatsia’ Federal Agency for Air Transport site which manages civil aviation across Russia. also doesn’t respond.

AvHerald reported that the site has been hacked, and all backup data also erased.

What does this mean?

With few external operators flying in and out of Russia it might not mean much right now. However, if you are trying to fly in or contact them then this may pose issues for you until they get their site back up and running.

Things like permissions and permits will undoubtedly take longer to get hold of.

Whether there will be any further indirect impact on other aviation related service within Russia is not yet clear.

The Contact Info.

Contact via post of AFTN are your best bets, but you can try calling as well. It isn’t clear if email will be available.

Telephone: +7 499 231 5237

Email: / /



Address: 125993, GSP-47, Moscow, Leningrad Prospekt, 37, building 2

Any local agent contacts?

Aerotrans may be able to assist:  +7 495 755 9422 /

Alternatively you may do best to contact local agents at your airport of operation directly as it may be easier for them to coordinate for you.


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