Venezuela NOTAMs, where have you gone?

Last year, Venezuela partly stopped sending out Metars.

This year, they’ve gone one better, and stopped sending out NOTAMs entirely.

Anything with an SV** in front of it shouldn’t be high on your tech stop list at the moment, but for those that do need to operate to an airport in the country, or carry it as an alternate, this is definitely a problem.

How are you handling the outage? Comment below.




  1. They have outdated equipment and would not rely on what they say. Even if you have an email stating on thing they will turn and say it was a mistake and nothing one can do. The only real way is to have a trusted person on the ground to properly advice of current situation.

  2. They have an email for the current/forecast weather and they will also provide NOTAMS if asked.

  3. We’re going around Venezuela and avoiding it entirely

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