Parking Restrictions at Boston

By David Mumford


Key Points
  • KBOS/Boston airport is requiring PPR for all bizav flights from April 11 to June 16.
  • PPR will be issued on a first-come-first-served basis. You can apply through Signature FBO.
  • If approved, aircraft are limited to a maximum of 2 days on the ground.

Boston is getting busy again, and the airport has brought back PPR requirements until mid-June. This applies to all bizav flights (private and charter, Pt91 and Pt135).

This isn’t due to any construction work going on – it’s just a busy period for Boston and there is no overflow parking anymore since Terminal E re-opened last summer.

Signature Flight Support is the only FBO at Boston. They have said that if you get PPR, the max length of stay is 2 days (info not included in the Notam). Here’s the table of scary costs for getting things wrong:

Where else?

For drop-and-go’s, you could reposition to KBED/Bedford airport for parking. KBED looks like it could be a good option, as they are open H24 (tower is open from 07-23 local time), have a 7000ft runway, and the airport is only 20 miles from Boston – they do also handle international flights too, so you could always just fly there directly instead. The Signature page for KBED is here.

One other option is KBVY/Beverly airport. Flight Level Aviation is the sole FBO there, and fees can be lower than KBED. The airport only has a 5000ft runway, and does not have 24/7 Customs coverage, but you can contact the CBP office at KBED to make arrangements. Drive time from KBVY into downtown Boston is roughly equivalent as from KBED. The North Atlantic Air page for KBVY is here.


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