OPSCHAT: 23rd July 2020 – Flight Ops discussion

By Mark Zee


When: Thursday 23rd July @ 10am Eastern, 1400 UTC
(Thurs 7am San Francisco, 10am New York, 3pm London, 4pm Berlin, 10pm Hong Kong)

The next OPSCHAT is coming up this Thursday, and there’s definitely some stuff to talk about!

Here’s what we’ve got so for on the agenda:

  • Analysis: That jet that went to Italy and got turned around.
  • Risks – what might you be missing because of the Covid headlines?
  • If a country need a Covid test, where do you get one before leaving?
  • All the 2020 NAT changes in ten lines – and what’s coming in November.
  • Staying proficient when we aren’t flying. What’s being done to keep people in the flying mindset?
  • Jobs – seekers and finders.
  • Relief Air Wing – how OPSGROUP can help hurricane survivors this year.
  • Going to Europe – can you or can’t you?
  • The KEF – STN run, backdoor into Europe?

What else would you like to see discussed? Or, is there something you’d like to present on?

What’s the barrier to your next flight? Tell us, and we’ll bring it up on the call, and see who else is struggling with the same thing (you’re never alone!)

You can already register and save your spot here.

But do please tell us what else we should talk about! We’ll update the agenda once we have expanded the list.

See you there!

Email: opschat@ops.group.


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Mark Zee

Mark Zee

Founder of OPSGROUP, and a former airline pilot, ATCO and flight dispatcher. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Email me at mark.zee@ops.group.

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