OPSCHAT Summary 29 MAR

By Chris Shieff


Hi members,

It was another very busy OPSCHAT call this week.

You can catch the full replay on your Member’s Dashboard.

Here’s a quick summary of what we talked about.

  • Europe – With the closure of Ukrainian airspace not going away in a hurry, there are concerns about airspace congestion as traffic is squeezed into Western Europe. To make matters worse, ongoing ATC strikes along with system upgrades in France, and potential industrial action in Poland may be brewing the perfect storm for major traffic jams.
  • Russia – Ongoing sanctions against Russia are causing ongoing headaches for aviation. The rules are different in every country, and so operators need to be familiar with the jurisdictions they’re flying over. In more news, the Russian CAA website is currently down due to a cyber-attack – check out our latest article.
  • Dubai – Double trouble. There are two disruptions happening at the same time in May. At OMDB/Dubai one runway is being closed from May 9 – June 11, while over at OMAD/Al Bateen, the airport will be closed from May 11 – July 20. We discuss the potential impacts to traffic, along with suitable alternates during this time.
  • Saudi Arabia – Recent Houthi drone and missile attacks have caused flight disruptions at OEJN/Jeddah airport. They seem to be travelling further, and becoming more accurate. Reports of aircraft being held near the Egyptian border during these attacks, but not new Notams have been issued. We talked about ESCAT procedures, where to find them, and what alternates to use. See Safe Airspace for more info.
  • South-East Asia – Several major border openings have been announced in recent weeks including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand. We take a brief look at what has been changing.
  • USA – The FBI has released a new warning of cyber-attacks maliciously targeting SATCOM networks. With the help of members on the call, we assess what this actually means for operators.
  • Colombia – We talk about two recent non-fatal attacks on airline pilots resisting robberies in the cities of Bogota and Cali. A major carrier has released security information to its crew. The basic advice is don’t put up a fight, leave valuables in the hotel, and only carry small amounts of cash.
  • Airport Spy – We’ve had a lot of new reports in the last few weeks. Don’t forget to check it out, you can access it here. Feel free to submit your own Spy Reports, any and all feedback is welcome.

As always, the team is here to help with any operational support, info or questions. You can reach us on news@ops.group, or via the slack channels #flightops and #questions.

To watch the replay of the OPS CHAT in full: head over to the dashboard. We hold a new OPSCHAT every week on Tuesdays at 2000z, click here to register and join us live.


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Chris Shieff

Chris Shieff

OPSGROUP team member and Airbus pilot. Based in sunny Auckland, New Zealand. Question for us? Write to blog.team@ops.group.

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