No entry to Curacao FIR unless you prepay

By David Mumford


In Jan 2018, Curacao began denying non-IATA members permission to overfly the TNCF/Curacao FIR if they have not prepaid for navigation fees. Here’s the AIC that carries the announcement.

Essentially, that means you, if you’re not an airline.

Several OPSGROUP members have since reported being denied airspace entry. Given that a lot of north-south traffic tends to use the TNCF FIR for overflights, this is important information for ad-hoc flights.

If you’re not an IATA member, you’ll want to head to get a login, and make your prepayments based on your planned route. If you don’t create an account, or don’t prepay, they’ll likely reject your flight through the FIR.

If you’d like a breakdown of the charges, you can find those in the Dutch Caribbean eAIP, Gen 4.2


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David Mumford

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