2024 Davos World Economic Forum: Airport Restrictions



The World Economic Forum will take place in Davos from 15-19 Jan 2024. Parking at airports in the region will be limited – make sure you reserve your spot asap!

We contacted the local handlers at all the nearby airports to check what the lowdown is this year. Here’s what they said…


  • Maximum 2 hour ground time for GA/BA without parking permission (so drop-and-go’s are fine, as long as they stay within that 2 hour window).
  • Local handlers have reported that there is now no more parking available at the airport for the WEF period – it’s all been taken already! Hangar parking might be available, but it’ll be super expensive.
  • You will not be able to use LSZH as an alternate from Jan 11-20.
  • Airport operates from 0600-2200 local time daily, and overtime is not available – make sure you land before closing time or you’ll get diverted to another airport.
  • Customs clearance is available at the FBO for up to 24 pax. Any more than that and they will need to clear through the main pax terminal instead.
  • Repositioning from LSZH to LSMD will not be allowed; aircraft would have to land and depart directly from LSMD.
  • For handling, email Jet Aviation FBO at vip.zrh@jetaviation.ch, or CAT Air Service at info@cat-airservice.com


  • Located in downtown Zurich. Normally a military airfield, but opens to civilian traffic each year for the Forum. GA/BA flights can only operate here during this period if pax are heading to the WEF.
  • From Jan 13-20, they are open from 0700-1230 and 1400-2100 local time weekdays, and 0900-1230 and 1400-2000 on weekends. No overtime available.
  • They still have few parking slots available – they’re busy this year. The mornings of Jan 15, 18 and 19 are fully booked already.
  • Slots not required, but PPR is required.
  • Customs clearance is provided in the military terminal building.
  • The airport publishes an Air Crew Guide for World Economic Forum every year, with everything you could possibly want to know. Download this year’s version here.
  • For handling, email the airport on: aircraft.handling@topmotion.ch


  • Could be a good option – if you’re small enough to cope with their 4774ft runway!
  • Opening hours: 0630-1200 and 1330-2100 local time Mon-Fri, 0730-1200 and 1330-2000 Sat, 1000-1200 and 1330-2000 Sun.
  • The standard fire cover is Cat 2, but they can provide up to Cat 6 for an extra fee.
  • No slots or PPR are required.
  • Parking is available, hangar might be available on request (up to G650/GLEX etc).
  • For handling, contact the FBO at groundservices@peoples.ch
  • For more ops info check out this page.


  • First things first, this is a VFR airport with some IFR traffic. Pilots heading here need to take this test first. If you haven’t flown in here before, now might not be the best time to give it a try, because…
  • For the WEF, the airspace around Davos (which includes LSZS airport) will be restricted: there are special procedures for arrivals and departures, and all flights need PPR. The airport has published this doc which includes everything you need to know.
  • For handling, contact the airport at handling@engadin-airport.ch


  • Open 0600-2200 local time weekdays, and 0900-2200 on weekends, with overtime available.
  • No slots PPR required (although in previous years they introduced PPR for stays of more than 90 minutes, so that might happen again).
  • Parking available, but expect to be repositioned for longer parking and servicing.
  • For handling, email the local agent at fdhops@aviation-services.net


Landing permits are not required for private GA/BA flights to Switzerland or Germany. You’ll only need a landing permit if you’re operating a charter flight on an aircraft not registered in the EU.

For Switzerland charter flight permits, read this guidance and email the authorities direct at trafficrights@bazl.admin.ch. And for Germany, read this guidance and email einflug@lba.de.

More info

There’s a good guide published here which has a bunch more info on things like fuel, catering and hotel considerations. Happy WEFing!


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