US Airport Fact Sheets (CBP)

By David Mumford


Did you know there are such things as US Customs & Border Protection Airport General Aviation Fact Sheets?

These are 1-page documents written by US CBP about select airports in the US, and they tell pilots pretty much all the important stuff they’d need to know about customs procedures at each one:

  • Opening Hours
  • Contact Info
  • Permission To Land Procedures
  • Some blurb on what to expect for the Inspection Process

What do they look like?


Got any more I can download?

As of Jan 2024, the NBAA is now hosting more than 300 of these Factsheets in a centralized database.

NBAA members can download them here.

If you’re not an NBAA member, we still have a few knocking about from 2023 which you can download for free here:

KBFI/Boeing Field, WA
KBGR/Bangor, ME
KDAL/Dallas Love Field, TX
KELP/El Paso, TX
KFLL/Fort Lauderdale, FL
KFXE/Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport, FL
KHOU/Houston, TX
KHPN/White Plains, NY
KIAD/Washington Dulles, VA
KLAX/Los Angeles, CA
KMIA/Miami, FL
KOPF/Opa-locka Executive, FL
KPBI/Palm Beach, FL
KTEB/Teterboro, NJ
KTMB/Miami Executive, FL
KTUS/Tucson, AZ
TJIG/Fernando Luis Ribas Dominicci, San Juan
TJSJ/Luis Munoz Marin, San Juan
KRIC/Richmond, VA
KPDX/Portland, OR
KCLT/Charlotte, NC
KMEM/Memphis, TN
KSUS/St Louis, MO
KPTK/Oakland County, MI
KFAR/Fargo, ND
KAFW/Fort Worth, TX
KABQ/Albuquerque, NM
KMCO/Orlando, FL
KAUS/Austin, TX
KSJC/San Jose, CA
KMSY/New Orleans, LA

CBP update these Fact Sheets fairly regularly, so if you’re heading somewhere and want the most up-to-date version, contact CBP at that specific airport and ask for the latest copy. It’s also nice to speak to them in person! Tell them about your planned flight, and they’ll tell you what you need to know.

You can email CBP at the address shown in the Fact Sheet, or else contact them at


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