Swiss Emission Changes – 2018

By Cynthia Claros


In 2018, Switzerland will be launching their own emissions trading scheme, to integrate with the rest of the European ETS.

All domestic flights, flights from Switzerland and Basel-Mulhouse Airport into Europe, as well as flights between Switzerland and Basel-Mulhouse will apply to the new ETS.  A few exceptions:

  • Government / Heads of State Flights
  • Military, Customs, Police Flights
  • VFR Flights
  • Training Flights
  • Flights operated by aircraft under 5700 kg.
  • …more in attached PDF.

As of 30 September, all aircraft operators were to submit their monitoring plan, and starting January 1st, operators need to record the emissions data based on the same monitoring plan.

All monitoring plans, data reports, and enquires should be sent to:

Federal Office of the Environment
Climate Division
“Civil Aviation Monitoring”
3003 Bern


Full AIC from Switzerland: AIC 006 2017A CH ETS


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Cynthia Claros

Cynthia Claros

Cynthia is a Flight Service Specialist with OPSGROUP.

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