OPSGROUP is hiring: Writer wanted



OPSGROUP is hiring. We’re looking for a Writer – someone to help write some articles and interview some people.

What are we looking for?

  • Someone with great energy! The most important thing is that you enjoy working with us, and we with you.
  • Writing experience! The ability to tell good stories, and bring a sense of humour.
  • Experience in international flight operations is a bonus – pointy end, on the ground, dispatcher, flight planner, trip specialist – all good.

What will you do?

  • Write helpful, clear articles in plain, human-friendly English.
  • Listen to members! Set up interviews with members to get their stories.
  • Communicate with CAA’s, FBO’s, ATC, Airports to get the lowdown on the latest risks and changes.
  • Research larger operational risks and changes.
  • Interview pilots, dispatchers, and other ops people to get a story straight

About the role:

  • Working hours: Weekdays, daytime hours, preferably based in the Americas (North or South) or Euro timezones, but flexible.
  • Payment: Monthly, fixed-rate, 20 hours or so of work a week. Some weeks more, some weeks less – depends what’s going on.
  • Location: Anywhere you like!


OPSGROUP is a membership organisation of Pilots, Air Traffic Controllers, Flight Dispatchers, Ops Managers and other dedicated people that realise that sharing information on dangers and changers is what keeps us all safe. We come together to make aviation more human-friendly for all of us.

How to apply?

You can do your first interview already! It’ll take about 10 minutes, we’ll take you on a little adventure, ask you some things, tell you some things. All you need is your big computer (couple of practical things to do, so your phone isn’t ideal) and a little time.

Ready? Go … (or open in a new window)


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