OPSCHAT Summary 15 MAR

By Chris Shieff


Hello members,

We had another busy OPSCHAT call this week.

You can catch the full reply on your Member’s Dashboard.

Here’s a rundown of what we talked about.

  • Russia – The FAA has issued a new Notam which clarifies the ban on aircraft operated for Russian interests in US airspace. We also discussed that leased aircraft are being held in Russia, re-registered and operated domestically despite the termination of lease agreements. This raises concerns about future business, along with safety.
  • Iraq – An Iranian missile attack occurred in Northern Iraq on March 13, likely targeting US interests there. This may escalate tensions in the region. We discuss whether overflights are actually safe (especially for US operators), along with emergency considerations if you plan to enter the ORBB/Baghdad FIR.
  • GPS Interference – We took a brief look at military interference testing in the US this month in California, South Carolina and Alaska. There may be no signal within 400nm of each test site for extended periods. The impact for dispatch may be low, but pilots need to continue reporting any cases of jamming or signal loss to ATC and the FAA. If there’s an emergency, they can stop it.
  • Unusual happenings in Europe – Widespread reports this week that a large military drone malfunctioned and flew undetected through the airspace of Hungary and Romania, before crashing in Croatia. It likely came from the conflict zone in Ukraine. We discussed the risk to civil aviation in neighbouring countries as a result of the conflict, and where there are no airspace warnings. We also touched upon the ongoing issue of GPS jamming in Turkey.
  • Danger Club – It’s back! We’re running a special session for the Teterboro Users Group’s meeting at 10am EST on March 16, and all are welcome to join – visit teterborousersgroup.org for details. OPSGROUP specific sessions will resume on March 24, with all new scenarios.

As always, the team is here to help with any operational support, info or questions. You can reach us on team@ops.group, or via the slack channels #flightops and #questions.

To watch the replay of the OPS CHAT in full, head over to the dashboard.


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Chris Shieff

Chris Shieff

OPSGROUP team member and Airbus pilot. Based in sunny Auckland, New Zealand. Question for us? Write to blog.team@ops.group.

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