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At the end of 2021, we ran 6 Danger Club meetings. The idea behind them? To start a new conversation on safety danger.

We wanted to get people talking about the humans in human factors – to bring the discussion back to our own operations, to share insights and experiences, to learn what we can be doing better.

Because we are all just fallible humans figuring out where our faults may lie.

The Story so Far

We don’t want to talk about all the usual cases – The Tenerife disasters, the Kegworths. They were huge learning opportunities, but even after learning from them (at nearly every CRM session), incidents are still happening, and we want to ask why?

So we took a look at less known incidents and accidents, ones where the stuff that happened is stuff that could happen to any of us.

Nothing technical, just human.

An autopilot disconnected too early and an approach not stabilised, a too steep cockpit gradient, or that day flying with your buddy where it is way too casual… Times where one small error became two, and then became three, and suddenly wasn’t so small because the crew just didn’t ‘get their head back in the game’.

Now We’re Bringing it Back.

After a bit of delay due to many goings on at the start of 2022, we are now bringing Danger Club back. Our first meeting of 2022 will take place at 1800 UTC on Thursday March 24th, and wherever you are in the world, come join us!

11am LA, 2pm New York, 6pm UK, 7pm Berlin, 10pm Dubai, 7am (Wednesday) New Zealand…

Danger Club #7 - register


What are we going to talk about?

We want to stick with the ‘theme’ of looking at non-fatal incidents and accidents, and talking about the ‘What Ifs’ that could potentially happen to us.

The first one is an interesting one because the main question we thought as we read to the end was simply “How?”

“How did it get that far?”

How did a crew of a 737 end up having to carry out 7 approaches before finally managing to land? Was there a point during their decision making process where this could have been avoided? What was running through their heads as this progressed, and more importantly how can we all avoid making the same mistakes?

So put it in your diary!

March 24th, 2022 at 1800 UTC

Danger Club #7: Thursday, Mar 24: 1400 ET / 1800 UTC
11am LA, 2pm New York, 6pm UK, 7pm Berlin, 10pm Dubai, 7am (Wednesday) New Zealand…
Incident: Jet Always B737: Lucky Number Seven

Danger Club #7 - register


And if you’ve not been to one before?

Just come along and take part. We are all students in this and we all ask is you switch your camera on during the session, but how much you input is entirely up to you.


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