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Hello members,

We had another busy OPSCHAT call this week!

The full replay is available in your Member’s Dashboard.

Here is an outline of what we discussed.

  • Russian sanctions – Western operators may be breaking the rules without realising it. They apply to aircraft owned, registered, benefitting or controlled by Russian interests. The rules remain open to interpretation – especially the terms ‘benefit’ and ‘controlled.’ We discussed this in detail, along with examples of operators who have found themselves on the wrong side of the rules.
  • Jet fuel shortage at Russian airports – Reports that major operators have been cancelling flights to Moscow due to being unable to uplift fuel.
  • Leased aircraft – There may be difficulty moving aircraft on lease by foreign lessors out of Russia.
  • EU-LISA – From Sep 2022, carriers bringing passengers to most countries in Europe will need to be registered with the EU’s new Entry/Exit System (EES) for passenger screening. We chatted about who or what ‘Lisa’ actually is, what an ‘air carrier’ actually means and what the requirements will be for both commercial and private flights. We’ve also written a new article with everything that we know about it.
  • OPSGROUP Danger Club  – It’s back, starting with a presentation for the Teterboro User’s Group (TUG) on March 16. Chris and Bec will be presenting the first one for the year. All are welcome to register and watch – visit teterborousersgroup.org for details. OPSGROUP specific sessions will resume on March 24, with all new scenarios.
  • ETOPS for Part 91 Ops – It’s not required by the US FAA regs, but are operators still applying limits on their ETPs for diversions? How about MELs that restrict aircraft from operating on ‘extended range’ routes? We took a brief look at this conundrum, along with EASA differences in Europe.
  • One engine, de-pressurised. The question was asked, how do you know how long crew oxygen will last for? For remote diversions and no passengers on board (e.g. ferry flights), it is possible you may not want to immediately descend to FL100. We briefly discuss.
  • OPSGROUP assistance – Offer from Team to assist where possible with any operational support, information, questions – as well as #flightops or #questions in the OPSGROUP Slack channels.

To watch the replay of the OPS CHAT in full, head over to the Dashboard.


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