New, single CPDLC logon for US airspace

By Declan Selleck


In case you missed the several hundred Notams this week, KUSA is the new identifier for all datalink logons in the US, including CPDLC-DCL, and enroute, which came into use on October 22nd. Now, the only logon you need is KUSA.

For all you could possibly want to know about Datalink operations in the US, take a peek at the new AC90-117, ” an overview of data link communication operations for U.S. domestic
operations and in oceanic and remote continental airspace”, which we’ve uploaded here.

More readable is the FAA’s CPDLC-DCL guide, uploaded here.

There are some comments that it doesn’t work properly if you don’t have an active FPL in the box, let us know your experiences on that in the comment section below.



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Declan Selleck

Declan Selleck

Declan is a Flight Service Specialist with OPSGROUP.


  • aaa says:

    Departing JFK for the atlantic crossing, when a northern track is filed where the entry point is in the canadian airspace, we also did log-on with Moncton center first.

    In JFK, with a filed FPL, log-on to KUSA was possible only when we had J4 added to J1 and J5 in the aircraft equipment block of the flight plan

  • Tom says:

    been in TEB for an flight to Europe. No CPDLC and no PDC possible with an active and loaded flightplan. First CPDLC log in with Moncton.

  • Matt says:

    In Houston Bush KIAH on Nov. 1. Did not have an active flight plan and could not login KUSA until we filed.

  • Marco André Fontoura de Miranda e Castro says:

    I’m a airline Pilot and very interested in aviation news!!!

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