New rules for charter flights to Malaysia

By David Mumford


Foreign operators doing charter flights to Malaysia now need to obtain a “Foreign Air Operator Certificate” (FAOC) to be able to get a landing permit, and this needs to be requested 90 days in advance!

This new requirement was introduced earlier this year with AIC 3/2019, but authorities have only recently started implementing it.

Private flights are not affected. The process for these remains the same as before – apply a week in advance, either direct to the authorities at, or through a third party agent (recommended!). Local agents have said that Air Ambulance / Medevac flights do not need to obtain an FAOC either.

But for charter flights, the new requirement looks like a real pain. Here’s how it works… (thank you Julie at ASA Group for helping with this info!)

1. Application needs to be sent 90 DAYS prior to the intended first trip into/out of Malaysia. The following documents need to be submitted:
– Completed FAOC Matrix form (see links below).
– Carriers liability insurance.
– If aircraft is leased, approval of civil aviation authorities of the State of the Operator of the lessee, with identification of the operator that exercises operational control on the aircraft.
– Document authorizing the specific traffic rights, issued by appropriate department or resulting from a bilateral air transport agreement (and any other document the CAAM considers necessary to ensure that the intended operations will be conducted safely).
– Letter of appointment on behalf of the operator to say that their chosen handling agent in Malaysia (i.e. ASA Group) can apply on the operator’s behalf.

The FAOC will be valid for one year.

2. Once the FAOC is issued, then you have to get your handling agent to apply for each landing/overflight permit for you via the Aerofile system. Here’s what they’ll need from you to make that happen:
– Airline/Operator Code in IATA (2 characters) & ICAO (3-4 characters) format.
– Home county of registration.
– Copy of FAOC.
– Copy of your own AOC issued in your country of registry.
– Main office address and contact for the operator.
– Copy of insurance coverage.
– Appointment letter from operator stating that the handling agent can apply on their behalf

All subsequent individual applications for landing permit requests after successful application in the AeroFile system will require a copy of the Gendec (and for bigger aircraft with 20 seats or more, you’ll also need to provide a copy of the Charter Agreement).

For these landing permit requests through the Aerofile system, your handler will need a minimum of three days notice. They should request slots at the same time as requesting the landing permit.

To clarify – an FAOC is only required for landing permits for charter flights. Overflight permits will need to be applied for via the Aerofile system, but do not need an FAOC.

Handy links:

Aerofile system – 

FAOC forms –

AIC 3/2019 –


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