Monday Briefing: Simferopol ACC closed, new Kolkatta Oceanic ACC

By Declan Selleck


Simferopol ACC closed – uncertainty in Crimea Mar 18: On 13MAR ATC service over Crimea ceased to be provided by Simferopol ACC, with responsibility shifted to Odesa and Dnipropetrovsk ACC’s. UKFF/Simferopol and UKFB/Sevastopol Airports are closed to civil traffic. It remains to be seen whether the Referendum on 16MAR results in the FIR being controlled by Russia, with ensuing permit requirements.

New Oceanic Area for India Mar 19 : Effective 19MAR a new Oceanic Area Control Centre (OACC) comes into being – Kolkatta Oceanic, partly covering the Kolkata and Chennai FIR’s on the eastern side of India over the Bay of Bengal. The callsign will be “Kolkata Oceanic”. Further details below …

VECF/Kolkata OACC, India A new OACC/Oceanic Control Centre becomes operational on 19MAR known as the Kolkata Oceanic Control Centre. The area is operational from MSL to FL460, CPDLC is primary comms method, HF backup on 10066/6556/3491. See India NOTAM A0211/14.

Uxxx/Crimea Region. With the current situation in Crimea, there have been several changes this week in the provision of ATC in the region. Simferopol Sectors 3,4 and 5 are now controlled by Odesa, and Sectors 1 and 2 are controlled by Dnipropetrvosk. UKFF/Simferopol and UKFB/Sevastopol are closed to civil traffic. It remains to be seen whether the Referendum on 16MAR will result in the airspace being controlled by Russia, with the possibility that a permit will be required as for the rest of the Russian Federation.

LFxx/France has announced industrial action on the 18MAR. Negotiations will continue over the weekend with SNCTA , and the strike situation will be much clearer on Monday.

SACF/ Cordoba ACC, Argentina Radar issues continue, no radar control provided in the South Sector of the FIR.

OAKN/Kandahar – AIrcraft planning through flights using Military Ramp face fuel restrictions due supply issues. Limit of approx 1200USG per aircraft.

VTSP/Phuket – International restrictions due to construction until 31MAR. Slot and PPR require 48HR PN, Landing Permit requests should allow 10 days.

SBKP/Campinas – Airport will be closed between 0330-0730LT on 13-15MAR and 18-22MAR.

OSDI/Damascus FIR – For those still overflying, Syria has closed airway L513 from BURSA to LEBOR UFN.

Turkey. Effective 10APR2014 Visa on Arrival is no longer available at Turkish Airports. Visitors must apply online through for an e-Visa.

UK Charter Permits. Significant changes to the approval process for Landing Permits for the UK will take effect on 06 APR. CAA will take over the responsibility for issuing approvals from the Department for Transport (DFT). Also, previously, a cabotage objection could be raised by a group of UK Charter Operators – this is removed. A fee is likely to be charged by the CAA for permits from this point forward.

Australia. A reminder to all operators who are not ADS-B equipped, of the restrictions when operating into Australian Airspace effective from 15DEC13. If you not ADS-B equipped you must file with CASA, a Form 208 exemption application 14 days in advance of proposed operations into Australian Airspace. Then operations will be confined to the SSR radar coverage area extending from 200 nm north of Cairns down the East coast to 200 nm west of Adelaide. This is commonly referred to as the J curve. If you intend operating into the Brisbane or Melbourne FIRs from the west and north west of Australia, and are not ADB-B equipped you will be required to operate at FL290 or below.

URSS/Sochi Starting from 20JAN, including period of XXII Winter Olympic Games and XI Winter Paralympic Games 2014, airlines are obliged to send the passenger manifest with exact Name, Surname, Passport number and series, or other ID, Ticket number, 24 hours prior to departure and no less then 4 hours prior to departure – passenger manifest changes, when operating to Sochi International airport (IATA code-AER). Information should be sent to the following e-mails:, See NOTAM A3075, A4018.


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