Monday Briefing: ATC Strikes, Australia ADS-B requirements

By Declan Selleck


Wednesday and Thursday – ATC Strikes Jan 28: Full details of ATC strike action across Europe are now clear and the impact is widespread. Countries affected are France, Italy, Greece, Austria, Slovakia, Czech, Hungary, Malta, Cyprus and Portugal. Both 29JAN and 30JAN have a variety of airspace closures and restrictions; read details below.

Australia ADS-B requirements Jan 28 : All operators who are not ADS-B equipped, have restrictions when operating into Australian Airspace effective since 15DEC13. Operations will be confined to the SSR radar coverage area extending from 200 nm north of Cairns down the East coast to 200 nm west of Adelaide. Non compliant operators must fly at FL290 or below. See Permits and Regulatory news below for further information.

URSS/Sochi has a new Volmet in action from 23JAN on HF 12870 and 13310, with reports for Sochi, Rostov, Krasnodar, Anapa, M Vody and Stavropol.

AGGH/Honiara, Solomon Islands Airport is closed until further notice due B737 landing accident. No injuries but aircraft clearing will take some time. As of last report, airport personnel were in the process of clearing the aircraft and the 13 tons of cargo it was carrying off the runway into a nearby hangar, at which point operations at the airport will resume.

Kxxx/Washington Area A temporary flight restriction (TFR), outlined in FDC Notam 4/2985, will be in place on 28JAN 2000-2300 local for aircraft flying into or out of the Washington, D.C. area. Issued as part of security measures for U.S. President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address, defines the affected area as the boundaries of the current D.C. flight restricted Zone (FRZ) and will prohibit general aviation operations at Washington Reagan National Airport (DCA), Washington Executive/Hyde Field (W32), Potomac Airfield (VKX) and College Park Airport (CGS).

Europe ATC Strikes: ATC and Transport Unions Multiple Strike Action for 29JAN and 30JAN. On 29JAN Portugal 0700-0900Z and 1400-1600Z; No arrivals/departures and restricted overflights. Malta 0500-1700Z. Italy 1200-1600Z, Bulgaria 0500-1500Z, Cyprus 1300-1700Z. 30JAN France – entire day from 1800Z day before to 0500Z day after, Czech Rep 0600-1800Z, Austria, Slovakia and Hungary 0800-1000Z. Enroute ACC’s affected are generally operating during these periods with strictly limited traffic levels managed by slots. Greece 0700-100Z and Italy 1400-1415Z. Inbound Intercontinental flights will be accepted into Italy regardless of strike action. Germany cancelled all action, and Spain is not participating. For a full briefing and more up to date info refer to Eurocontrol NOP.

HEMM/Mersa Matruh, Egypt will close for 5 months from 10FEB for runway reconstruction.

HTxx/Tanzania ICAO codes – update to last weeks news, thanks to Doug at Emirates for this info. HTDA will in fact remain valid for Dar Es Salaam. Zanzibar has changed as planned to HTAK.

OIBK/Kish Island, Iran has fuel restrictions in place due to shortage until 10FEB. Maximum 800USG per aircraft allowed.

NFFF/Tontouta New Caledonia reporting ATC strike action from 27JAN-31JAN. Not clear if this is related to European action.

HRYR/Kigali, Rwanda is closed 0000-0500Z until 02FEB due runway maintenance.

MROC/San Jose Runway will be closed from 0900-1000 on 06FEB.

EPWW/Warsaw ACC Significant restrictions in place for the next few months due to new system. Overall Enroute capacity down to 25%.

UTAx/Turkmenistan ACC New requirement to contact Turkmenistan ATC minimum 150km (75nm) from the FIR boundary for all flights entering Ashgabat, Turkmenbashi, Turkmenabat ACC Airspace.

HKNA/Nairobi ACC Upgrading Area Control VHF service, with many frequencies out of service including 121.3, 125.3 and 118.5 – operators advised to use HF instead until 30JAN.

Hong Kong CAA closed 31JAN-03FEB for New Year Celebrations, request permits early, also for period after closure. Chinese regulatory offices will be closed from 31JAN until 06FEB.

Russia New requirements for API and PNR data for Airlines operating both scheduled and non-scheduled flights in effect 01DEC. API data should be transmitted 15 mins prior departure to SITA MOWRU8X. NOTAM A2345/13 and AIC 04/13.


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