Monday Briefing: Confusion over Crimea, Kosovo Upper Airspace reopens

By Declan Selleck


Confusion over Crimea: Special Report Apr 3 : Simferopol ACC re-opened 03APR creating confusion as to who should be providing ATC service in the Crimea region. We have published a Special 6 page International Ops Notice (03/2014) “2014 Airspace and Regulatory Changes in Crimea”.

Kosovo Upper Airspace re-opens Apr 3 : After 15 years, the last remaining chunk of European airspace closed to overflying traffic in the Balkans has reopened. The KFOR sector over Kosovo became available on 03APR, with route savings immediately apparent to operators.

Kxxx/USA Operators should be aware of the new FAA ATC phraseologies effective 03APR. The FAA will implement “climb via” phraseology and procedures for departure operations consistent with existing “descend via” phraseology and procedures. “Climb via” and “descend via” are abbreviated ATC clearances that require compliance with the procedure’s lateral path, associated speed restrictions, and altitude restrictions published on the SID or STAR. Some good information at

LLOV/Ovda, Israel will be closed to all flights 01MAY-07MAY

DGAA/Accra, Ghana Until 23JUN, The main runway (03/21) is open daily from 0500-2300Z only; no traffic accepted outside these hours.

LFMN/Nice Change in parking procedure; if approval is granted for parking, but operator changes to another, larger aircraft, then the previous approval will be cancelled. Co-ordinate all aircraft changes with Airport Ops.

YPXM/Christmas Island has reopened after the recent Cyclone in the Indian Ocean.

OSDI/Damascus FIR – For those still overflying, Syria has closed airway L513 from BURSA to LEBOR UFN.

HSSM /Malakal, South Sudan is only accessible with permission from the government security services. This is very difficult to obtain and makes the airport effectively shut.

HSWW /Wau, South Sudan is open without any specific additional permission being required.

MGGT/Guatemala City ChevronTexaco, for any fueling on the east and military ramps from 0900-1600 LT, requires a minimum of 24 hours’ notice.

HLLS/Sebha, Libya remains closed until 07APR.

CAA Closures. Myanamar has an extended closure due to public holidays from 12-21APR. The Chinese CAA are celebrating National Tomb-Sweeping Day on 07APR.

UK Charter Permits. Significant changes to the approval process for Landing Permits for the UK will take effect on 06 APR. CAA will take over the responsibility for issuing approvals from the Department for Transport (DFT). Also, previously, a cabotage objection could be raised by a group of UK Charter Operators – this is removed. A fee is likely to be charged by the CAA for permits from this point forward.

Turkey. Effective 10APR2014 Visa on Arrival is no longer available at Turkish Airports. Visitors must apply online through for an e-Visa.

Australia. A reminder to all operators who are not ADS-B equipped, of the restrictions when operating into Australian Airspace effective from 15DEC13. If you not ADS-B equipped you must file with CASA, a Form 208 exemption application 14 days in advance of proposed operations into Australian Airspace. Then operations will be confined to the SSR radar coverage area extending from 200 nm north of Cairns down the East coast to 200 nm west of Adelaide. This is commonly referred to as the J curve. If you intend operating into the Brisbane or Melbourne FIRs from the west and north west of Australia, and are not ADB-B equipped you will be required to operate at FL290 or below.



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Declan Selleck

Declan Selleck

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