Hi again members!

There’s a new version of GoCrow – the OpsGroup route analysis and planning map…

There’s some cool new stuff:

  • SafeAirspace warnings are now on the map, you’ll see them very clearly. Click on a country for more info.
  • All OpsGroup Alerts will show on the route
  • Permit information is fed directly from the Permit Tool in your dashboard
  • New underlays – all kinds of maps
  • You can print a route briefing.

All of this is still in beta, there are still a few bugs and some design issues to work out, but it’s pretty solid. Have a play with it! Watch the video above to get a better idea of what it can do.

GoCrow is here: https://ops.group/dashboard/gocrow/

Comments welcome!

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Mark Zee

Mark Zee

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