Jobs: our shared spreadsheet

By Mark Zee


Hi members!

A very simple new little thing in OPSGROUP is now alive …

The idea is wonderfully easy. It’s a shared Google Sheet. All group members have access to add and edit.
If you are looking for a new Flying or Ops job, browse the jobs listed.

If you know of a Flying or Ops job, add it …

There are a handful of jobs in there to get us started, but we need your help to add more.

Got one to add? Jump in and add that job. Just make sure it’s an active position available now, and not some kind of hiring agency resume-collector … 🤦



And that’s it! Hope you find it useful, we’d love any feedback or suggestions for improvement.

Have a lovely week!


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Mark Zee

Mark Zee

Founder of OPSGROUP, and a former airline pilot, ATCO and flight dispatcher. Based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Email me at

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