2020 Edition: New NAT Doc 007 – North Atlantic Airspace and Operations Manual

By David Mumford


July 2020

ICAO have published a new NAT Doc 007 too. Download it here!

The only changes in this edition are to do with the rules and guidance relating to the Datalink Mandate.

Despite the expanded mandate, there are still some places where you won’t need datalink:

  • Everything north of 80° North
  • New York Oceanic East FIR
  • ATS Surveillance airspace These are areas where surveillance is provided either by: Radar, VHF, or ADS-B – which is basically the airspace over Iceland, the southern half of Greenland, and a big fish shape of airspace over the Azores (see image below)
  • Tango Routes T9 and new route T290 that was also introduced today (the other Tango routes T213, T13, and T16, will all require datalink).



To figure out where you are welcome on the NAT, depending on what equipment and training you have, check out our NAT guides and charts here.


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