FAA extensions to pilot regulatory relief

By David Mumford


The FAA has agreed to extend the regulatory relief packages for both Part 91 and Part 135 operators beyond the original end date of June 30. Here’s the lowdown:

Part 135

  • Back in March, the FAA announced a 3-month extension to the grace period for recurrent training requirements for Part 135 operators. They’re now saying that operators who have training due in July will have until the end of October to get this done. Read the FAA letter here.
  • In addition, the FAA has provided two additional months of flexibility on the protective breathing equipment requirements, extending that exemption until the end of July.
  • Note that you still have to tell the FAA if you’re planning on using these exemptions.

Part 91

  • Pilot medical certificates which expired in March do not have any extra time beyond June 30; but for those expiring between April 30 and Sept 30, these will all get three months extensions to their validity.
  • Validity of flight reviews, instrument currency, and knowledge tests have also been extended to September.
  • Read the updated SFAR in full here.

For US pilots keen to know if the SFAR on Part 91 regulatory relief applies to your individual situation, check out these easy-to-follow flowcharts to help you work it out! (No need to squint – just click on the image and get whisked away to a magical place where these flowcharts will all make perfect sense 😊)


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