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By Mark Zee


New changes on the NAT!

Just kidding, September has been quiet so far, there’s nothing new this month. But, after the onslaught of change that 2019 has brought to pilots and operators traversing the great expanses of the North Atlantic, we thought it would be a good time to bring some new NAT guides and charts to you.

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1. The 2019 NAT Pack

If you really need to know all there is to know about the North Atlantic right now, then the NAT Pack is your girl. You get:

– The current North Atlantic Plotting Chart ($35 value)
– The NAT Ops Guide “My first North Atlantic Flight is tomorrow” ($25 value)
– The Quick reference guide to the NAT “Choose your own adventure” ($15 value)
– The “Circle of Entry” showing Com, Nav, and ATC requirements for the different parts of the NAT region

You save $25 by selecting the NAT Pack instead of purchasing items individually.

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2. The 2019 NAT Ops Guide “My First North Atlantic Flight is Tomorrow”

This NAT Ops Guidebook covers (we hope!) everything you need for both a routine crossing (but still complex), and non-routine (eg. No HF, No HLA, No RVSM) ferry flight. Read the latest 2019 changes, easy to read guidance, sample flights, Flight Planning codes, ATC contact numbers, Diversion airports guide, Blue Spruce routes, VHF coverage, non-standard overflight permits – all in one single guide. 19 pages in PDF format. Download, print, share.


1. What’s different about the NAT?

2. Changes in 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016.

3. Circle of Entry – a visual depiction of what equipment is needed to enter the different parts of the NAT region airspace.

4. NAT Quick Map – Gander boundary, Shanwick boundary

5. Routine Flight Example #1 – Brussels to JFK (up at 5.45am) – NAT HLA certification, Oceanic Paperwork, Special requirements, getting an Oceanic Clearance, Equipment failure, Weather deviation, and going off track.

6. Non Routine-Flights: No PBCS, No RVSM, No RNP4, No HF, 1 LRNS, No HLA, No ETOPS, No TCAS, No Datalink – what you can do and where you can go.

7. Diversion Airports guide: A couple of notes on each of the most popular diversion airports from Shannon to Goose Bay: What to expect.

8. Airport data: BGBW Narsarsuaq, BGSF Sondy, BIKF Keflavik, EGPF Glasgow, EGPK Prestwick, LPLA Lajes, LPAZ Santa Maria, EINN Shannon, EIDW Dublin, CYFB Fro Bay, CYYR Goose Bay, CYQX Gander, CYYT St. Johns, LPPR Porto, LPPT Lisbon, TXKF Bermuda.

9. Overflight permits – routine and special, non-standard airworthiness, how to get one.

10. Special NAT procedures: Mach number technique, SLOP, Comms, Oceanic Transition Areas, A successful exit, Screwing it up, Departing from Close Airports

11. North Atlantic ATC contacts – Shanwick, Gander, Iceland, Bodo, Santa Maria, New York – ATC Phone, Radio Station Phone, AFTN, Satcom, CPDLC Logon codes; and adjoining Domestic ATC units – US, Canada, Europe.

12. NAT FPL Codes and Flight Levels

13. The new 2019 contingency procedure – graphic.

14. The big changes explained – OWAFS, ASEPS, Datalink Mandate 2020, Microslop.

15. Flight Plan Filing Addresses by FIR

16. Links, Questions, Guidance

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3. The 2019 North Atlantic Plotting Chart

This is a Hi-Res North Atlantic Plotting and Planning Chart in PDF format showing North Atlantic Oceanic Airspace, Shanwick, Gander, Reykjavik, Bodo, New York, Santa Maria, and adjoining domestic airspace, with Airspace entry requirements, FPL codes, Airport data and pricing.

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4. The 2019 NAT ops Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide – airspace entry:
– If you have No RVSM – where can you go, and where must you avoid
– Same for No CPDLC, No ADS-C, No Transponder, No full LRNS, TCAS, ETOPS, RNP4, RNP10, HF, SELCAL, PBCS
– Alternative options for routings
– The NAT Circle of Entry showing what you need for Comms, Nav and Surveillance for each part of the NAT: The entire NAT region, just the HLA, the HLA on the NAT Tracks, and the NAT Tracks at 350-390, and PBCS airspace.
– Reference and further reading links from OPSGROUP

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We hope you enjoy these guides and resources!

You have four options to get these North Atlantic Guides:

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3. Skip the queue and get everything for free with any OPSGROUP membership – see the options here and choose a plan.
4. If you’re already a member, get them in your Dashboard

Safe flying.


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