What do you Sphinx about this new airport?



We love new airports … and we have a cool one tell you about in Giza, Egypt – known as Sphinx International Airport (SPX, HESX)!

It looks like it’s undergoing a “soft” opening of sorts. Word from handlers we have spoken to on the ground confirm it’s open for business (for the most part).

Here is the info we have so far:

  • ICAO code: HESX
  • IATA code: SPX
  • PCN: 87
  • Runway dimensions: 3650M x 60M
  • The airport is open from Sunrise to Sunset. No night lighting installed as yet.
  • There is no CIQ yet. But it’s coming soon – so it’s not an airport of entry presently.
  • Airport features a general and business aviation terminal, with its own dedicated CIQ unit. The VIP terminal and Royal Lounge are open. A complete fleet of GSE is in place.
  • Jet A1 Fuel is available via Misr Petroleum Company tankers. No Hydrant System yet.
  • Airport features 8 parking stands currently.
  • Most likely the airport will be slot coordinated preserving control on capacity until the new terminals launch.
  • Night stop parking is accepted with a requirement to re-position aircraft to parking bays after passengers disembark.

Some extra info from the local agent:

“The airport has already launched, but not in it’s full capacity as the contracted constructor is still finishing up the exteriors. In addition the check-in software has not been installed, meaning commercial schedule flights haven’t started yet. However the airport is accepting business and general aviation flights during opening hours and with pre-notification of 48 hours.”

Parking spots are well equipped and overnight parking is possible. The airport is only seeing a handful of movements at present and is not busy.

The airport is best suited for those wishing to visit Cairo West or Giza City with the expected launch of commercial flights on 30 June.

Have you landed there yet? Let us know if you have any updates.

p.s. Fun fact- The Great Sphinx of Giza when translated from Arabic to English means: The Terrifying One; literally: Father of Dread. So……Safe landings 😉

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  • AD 2.HESX-v2 – AIP Information on HESX – Sphinx International Airport.

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