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Full ATC service is returning to Somalia! The HCSM/Mogadishu FIR is currently Class G uncontrolled, which means a lot of fairly annoying IFBP calls to make. This is about to change though…

(Well, not the IFBP thing sadly, they recommend you continue these even during the trial period).

From May 11 to September 21 they will be running a trial which will see the airspace from FL245 up become Class A controlled airspace.

The trial will only be between 0300-1800z (so during the day), but will cover the entire FIR including oceanic areas.

Notam A0051/22 (A0028/22) advises on this, whilst AIP SUP 02/22 has all the info (we’re still waiting for a copy!)

The entire FIR will be Class A at and above FL245

Who to talk to in Class A?

The following frequencies are your best bet:

  • VHF 132.5 MHz if within 240NM of position MOGDU.
  • HF (Mogadishu Control)
    Day Primary 11300Khz
    Day Secondary 8879Khz or 13288Khz
    Night Primary 5517Khz
    Nigh Secondary 11300Khz or 3467Khz
  • CPDLC for those FANS1 equipped, logon address HCSM

If you lose comms, then the procedures are pretty standard. These are available in the Somalia SUP 05/2018. Or you have the full contingency plans to follow in SUP 03/22.


Mogadishu have also re-confirmed their dedicated SATCOM numbers. Here they are:

  • +252 6133 50047
  • +252 6233 50047
  • +252 1857 390
  • +252 1857 391
  • +252 1857 392
  • +252 1857 393

What’s the difference between Class A and Class G?

In a nutshell, Class A doesn’t have VFR traffic in it, and you do need ATC clearances. Traffic will be provided with 10mins lateral/longitudinal separation and 2000′ vertical separation at and above FL410, 1000′ at and below FL400

Class G is uncontrolled which means it is all procedural, deconfliction services and traffic advisory services only.

What’s (less) new in Mogadishu.

  • Somalia still isn’t the safest region to fly through. Major authorities prohibit flights below (generally) FL260, and recommend sticking to the oceanic routings rather than overflying the land. All the up to date airspace warnings are available on Safeairspace.
  • IFALPA also published a bulletin back in 2018 talking about procedures in the Mogadishu FIR.
  • We shared a bunch of stuff on the general security threats and risks in Somalia here. Currently airports in Somalia are basically off limits though due big safety concerns.

The Mogadishu FIR provides a major routing region for southern Africa.


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  • Dermot Bell says:

    There is also a sup 04/22 on transition procedures form G-A-G and from entering from lower airspace.

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