(Adventurous) Flight Ops Assistant WANTED!



Hi there!

We’re hiring again: this role is for a Flight Ops Assistant at OPSGROUP. Might this be you?

There are some hidden instructions in this post. Read carefully! At the end, you’re going to go on an adventure, so be ready!


Let’s get started!

The first question you might have is, what does a Flight Ops Assistant do? This role is a junior one, but you’ll be a core member of the OPSGROUP Team. You’ll assist with the daily work that we do for our members, and at the same time learn more than you can imagine about the weird and wonderful world of International Flight Operations. So for the right person, it’s a win-win.


A day in the life of a Flight Ops Assistant…

When we say “Every day is different”, it’s actually true here. That’s the beauty of international flight ops – Monday is a problem on the North Atlantic, Tuesday is an ATC strike in France (OK, that’s every week right now, but …), Wednesday is a typhoon heading for Tokyo. But an overview of the things you would do are this:

– Keep an eye on member messages – a request for help, or a notification of something new.
Fact-check: assess reports coming in, and communicate with CAA’s, FBO’s, ATC, Airports to nail down the skinny on the latest risks and changes.
Write crisp, clear ops alerts in plain human-friendly English for our members.
Help compile the Daily Brief for members.
– Research larger operational risks and changes for blog articles and guidance to members, and write helpful, clear articles.
Coordinate our chats, meetings, events: Danger Club, Coffee & Waffle, OPSGROUP Local.
Help with some of our focus work: NOTAM reform, Safe Airspace, Pilot-Controller workshops.
– Take part in our Team chats, and help track new ideas for member tools, resources, useful articles, maps, and other genius things.
– Keep our flight ops databases, member information, and airport info up to date.


Who are you?

Here’s the first (not so hidden) instruction – when you start your adventure down below, make sure to give us a sense of who you are. For sure, some flight ops experience is important, but we like working with people we like. That doesn’t mean “people like us”, it just means that you bring great energy.

As this is a junior role for an assistant, we’re not expecting you to have twenty years at the pointy end of international flight ops – but you should have a solid basis in flight operations: dispatch or flying, real world, a few years at least. We’ll help take that foundation and expand your world; you’ll learn, grow, and take on new challenges here.


The deets

  • Working hours: Weekdays (Monday-Friday), daytime hours, full-time. We have a target of 6 hours of good work each day, and most weeks will average out at 30-40 hours of work.  You decide (mostly) when that happens – no night shifts or back of the clock grinding required!
  • Payment: Monthly, fixed-rate. Some weeks more, some weeks less – depends what’s going on.
  • Location: Your island, cabin, apartment, garden, boat, tiny home, co-working space – wherever you have a quiet spot to yourself and some decent internet. We might have a preference for a US timezone in this regard (UTC-4 to UTC-8), but we’re open.




You can do your first interview already! It’ll take about 20 minutes. We’ll take you on a little adventure, ask you some things, tell you some things. All you need is your big computer (couple of practical things to do, so your phone isn’t ideal) and a little time.






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  • Sarah says:

    Hello OPSGROUP team!
    I’m pretty goshdarn excited to embark on your adventure interview tomorrow (Monday/10 APR 23)! Y’all seem super cool and so enlightened in your marketing/branding approach. Kudos to the lot of youse, and best in all your endeavors.

  • Edwin says:

    Good morning,

    Looking forward to learning more about your role. With 20 years operational experience in commercial flight ops, I can add value to any operation to make it seamless for stakeholders.

  • Thulaziwe Sibanda says:

    Good day : I am writing to express my interest in joining the Opsgroup. I am a gentleman with 14 years in commercial aviation as Dispatcher, controller and follower.

    Currently I am located in Soweto Johannesburg, South Africa and I am readily available as our airline was liquidated during the COVID 19 error.

    I am looking forward to hear from you.


    Dear Hiring Manager,

    I’m writing to express my interest in
    the Flight Ops Assistant at OPSGROUP
    or similar position.

    I am very dependable, organized,
    possess excellent communication, leadership, problem-solving skills
    and fluent in Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi language.

    I have extensive experience in supervision, professional customer service and in all aspects of airline operations (passenger & ramp service, baggage service, cabin service, catering, flight operations, and human resources).

    If given the opportunity, I am confident that I can exceed your expectations.

    Should you require additional information please contact me at (773) 539-5714
    or via email at uniquema@sbcglobal.net

    I look forward to hearing from you soon
    so that we may set up an appointment
    for an interview.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.


    Muhammed Afzal

    • Chris Shieff says:

      Hi Muhammed. Thanks for reaching out to us and for your interest in the role. We’ve made a note of your details, but the best way to apply is via the adventure interview in the article – did you manage to give that a try? Thanks, Chris.

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