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Here’s some info on Qatar to help prepare if you’re planning on heading there during the World Cup 2022.

UPDATE: Bombardier are trying to negotiate support for Challengers and Globals / QAS just put their prices up

The dates to know about.

The World Cup takes place from November 20 to December 18. So anytime during those dates (and probably a few days either end) it is going to be just a little bit busier.

Get parking requests, handling requests, and permit requests in early!

Before we get into it, I’m going to share THIS LINK because it takes you through to the full slot coordination page which has a lot of info on to you might need. Not just on slots, but on regulations, handling stuff, and all that jazz.

Click for the real deal

There is also a new AIP SUP 32/2022 effective Nov 3 which contains , and if you still ain’t sure then daily CDM conferences take place at 0800 UTC, with an ATFM Daily Plan published at 1000 UTC.

The airports to know about.

You have two choices if you want to actually fly to the World Cup – OTHH/Doha International (actually called Hamad) or OTBD/Doha International (actually called Doha).

You should probably also be aware of OTBH/Al Udeid Airbase because it is fairly close to the Double Dohas, has two big runways and has been known to confuse some people.

OTHH/Hamad is the main international airport in Qatar.

You will find:

  • 2 giant runways (4250m and 4850m)
  • All the runways are CAT II/III
  • RFF 10

If you want to head in here, then bear in mind this is the main international airport for the country and it is already busy with scheduled airline traffic.

You can find info on the general fees for operating here in the AIM. 

The official FBO is Qatar Executive reachable at request@qatarexec.com.qa or +974 4022 1700

All their rates and fees are available here. There may be different charges for operating during the World Cup though so get in touch with them soon!

We discovered this updated fee list from QAS. It has jumped up just a little during the World Cup period so don’t rely on old fees…

OTBD/Doha is the older international airport and was pretty much decommissioned for a while there. It looks like it will be used for charter and private stuff, and some airline overflow traffic. 

You have:

  • One runway – RWY 15/33
  • 4570m / 14,993’
  • CAT I ILS 15 / CAT II/III ILS 33
  • RFF 9

Click for PDF

A quick bit on Slots, because they are quite a big deal.

Slots are already filling up fast. And they are mandatory. And there is an official process for requesting them which you can read about here.

If you haven’t already organised it then get on this fast. I can’t stress that enough. Do it now!

There are a few things to know:

  • You will need to pay a 5000USD deposit
  • The deposit will be deducted from airport charges
  • There will be hefty penalties applied for:
    • No shows or Go shows
    • Misuse (seriously late aircraft)
    • Using a different aircraft type to the one mentioned in the slot request
    • Cancelling on the day

There are exceptions to the penalties. Basically for anything outside the operator’s control:

  • If your airplane gets damaged (presumably not through your own fault)
  • If the weather is particularly adverse
  • Delays due to issues with Air Traffic management
  • Industrial action
  • Security related stuff (of the mandatory sort)

What sort of penalties are you looking at?

  • If you cancel on the day or don’t show up then on top of losing the slot booking deposit, you can expect the following penalties:
    • 100USD per seat (per flight) if you’re a passenger charter flight
    • 20,000USD if you’re a GA/BA flight
    • 30,000USD if you’re a charter cargo flight
  • If you just ‘misuse’ your slot then they’ll fine you the following:
    • 5,000 USD for arrivals more than 20 minutes outside the approved slot time, for flights 5 hours or less
    • 5,000USD for arrivals outside 35 minutes of the slot, for flights longer than 5 hours
  • Finally, if you take a different type in then expect a 5,000USD fine for each higher ICAO category than the one approved.

We got all this info from here – the official local slot rule spot.

If you sort it all out, get your slot, and plan to use it properly, then on the day, you’ll need to do this:

On the day.

If you don’t want to stick around in Qatar…

There are some handy and fairly close other places which you might want to consider using instead (if you can’t get parking in Doha). These are probably what you’ll file as your alternates for Doha anyway, given the size and airport numbers in Qatar (2).

Next to Qatar you have Bahrain and OBBI/Bahrain International. A very good alternate, although we are currently checking whether flights direct between the two countries are possible.

Just past Bahrain you have Saudi Arabia, and OEDF/Dammam International. This is a good alternate, although not as good as OBBI. A little bit further into Saudi and you have OERK/Riyadh.

On the other side of Qatar you have some water and then the UAE with OMAA/Abu Dhabi, OMDB/Dubai, OMDW/Another Dubai are all good alternates. We also heard that OMSJ/Sharjah FBO Gama Aviation is offering 7 days free parking there.

Head north and you’ll find OKBK/Kuwait. Also a good alternate. I forgot to put it on the map, it is up there just outside the edge of the picture though.

A few useful ones to know about.

Some things to know about the country.

You need permits for both landings and overflights. To get all your flight clearances stuff,  try these folk at the Civil Aviation Authority Qatar: doha.comm@caa.gov.qa / khalid.alnsiri@caa.gov.qa / rakesh.attavar@caa.gov.qa / airlines.affairs@caa.gov.qa or AFTN: OTBDYAYX / AFTN: OTBDYFYX

Their AIP is available online, for free, if you need it. You can find it here.

They have a new airspace. Yes indeed. Read about that here.

You really, really can’t take alcohol into Qatar. Or a lot of medication (anything containing Codeine will get you into trouble. Anything else, just carry a prescription for it).

Because Qatar is fairly small and hotel rooms fairly limited, most are requiring tickets to the game so you might have trouble finding space for your crew if they’re overnighting.

It will be mandatory to have a maintenance agreement in place with your ground handling agent if you are operating into Qatar, or else you’ll have to carry your own engineer/maintenance person with you onboard – even for a drop and go.

  • Bombardier are negotiating with Qatar Executive for them to provide support for the Challenger and Global series of aircraft. It’s not been finalised yet, but hopefully will all be in place before things ‘kick off’ (if you’ll pardon the pun).

Some Covid stuff.

As of at the moment, Air Crew can enter Qatar for 96 hours. To do this, you need a vaccination certificate and a PCR taken in Qatar within 72 hours of your arrival. Unvaccinated crew will not be allowed in.

A quick definition.

Football = Soccer (if you’re American).


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