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Remember the 100ml rule? The one that’s been there since 2006, causing endless hassles at security. Well, its changing!

Why does that matter for air crew?

Good question. Is this really an operational issue to talk about? We are ‘Opsgroup’ not ‘VaguelyInterestingInfogroup’ after all…

Well, the rule is here for crew too and if you’ve ever operated through a UK airport you will know they can take it very seriously indeed. I once had my healthy hummus lunch taken from me because hummus is slightly more liquid than solid.

So, the change will mean:

  • An easier time going through security for Air Crew as well as passengers
  • Possibly some changes on what you can stock up on during layovers (if you don’t check your crew bags)
  • The option to have better coffee than what you might get onboard
  • General security changes

No more of this!

Let’s take a quick look at the security side of things.

Passengers and crew will be able to carry whatever liquids they require, so long as they fit in their hand luggage. Remember though, if you are transiting another airport, their liquid limits will still apply.

There are a few liquidy products worth looking out for as well. The top two we are aware of are peanut butter and Frankfurter sausages in jar available in EDDF/Frankfurt airport duty free.


Well, the liquid explosive scanning machines work off detecting a range of chemical elements, and also look at density. Fun fact – the molecular makeup of peanut butter is actually very similar to nitroglycerin, while the juicy sausagey water in frankfurter jars is apparently of a density that some scanners struggle with.

Then there are actual banned substances.

Possibly more important to remember – these are, obviously, still banned. There is no change to the dangerous goods restrictions.

Toxic, flammable, infectious, over 70% alcohol, paint etc is all still not allowed.

Toxic, flammable, infectious stuff… still banned!

Shannon Airport

EINN/Shannon is of course a gateway airport for the USA. The US Pre-clearance status means you can undergo all immigrations, customs and agriculture inspections here.

Which is why we thought this was worth mentioning because it will be a nice change for a lot of folk heading through, but those agriculture restrictions remain in place.

All travelers entering the United States are required to declare anything with meats, fruits, vegetables, plants, seeds, soil, animals, as well as plant and animal products – including soup or soup products.

Check out the USA CBP website for more info. There is quite a handy “what can I bring in for my own personal guzzling purposes” list here, published by them.

Where else are the scanners going to be?

Well, the UK is planning to have them installed in all their international airports by December 2022.

TSA in the USA is also planning on having over 1000 of them active for Summer 2022. So watch this space.


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