Indonesia mandates ADS-B above FL290

By David Mumford


Since the start of Jan 2018, all aircraft flying in Indonesian airspace at or above FL290 need to be equipped with ADS-B (Mode S Transponder and GNSS source position). Below that flight level, it remains optional.

Indonesian airspace is split into two FIR’s – WIIF/Jakarta and WAAF/Ujung Pandang:

To the north, Singapore have required the carriage of ADS-B on certain airways since 2013; and to the south, Australia have mandated ADS-B for all airspace above FL290 since early 2017. So there’s a vast section of connected airspace in the region where ADS-B is now required.

For flight planning, make sure you show the correct ADS-B designators in Item 10 of the FPL:

  • E – Transponder — Mode S, including aircraft identification, pressure – altitude and ADS – B Out capability.
  • – Transponder—Mode S, including aircraft identification,pressure-altitude,ADS-B Out and enhanced surveillance capability.
    together with…
  • B1  ADS-B “out” capability using 1090MHz extended squitter.
  • B2  ADS-B “out” and “in” capability using 1090MHz extended squitter.

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