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There are a lot of Zurich related posts out there right now because the World Economic Forum is coming around soon, and with it some need to know things about Zurich, which is the main airport closest to where the forum is held.

On top of that, summer is on its way and with it the usual parking restrictions at all the popular tourist spots, which Zurich happens to be one of. So we thought we would take a look at it specifically, and share some info on what options you might have.

If you are operating into the general region during the WEF dates, get book now – some airports are already full!

First up, the Forum.

The World Economic Forum is big. It is the ‘World’ one after all. You can read about it here.

But what you probably want to know is where it is, and when it is.

  • It actually takes place in Davos (but LSZH/Zurich gets busy with important people, and their jets, flying in and out)
  • It takes place between May 22nd and May 26th

So if you want fly in here and park between May 22nd and May 26th then good luck, unless you have  an important person onboard, then just make sure you’ve pre-arranged it. Actually, better make that May 20 to May 29 because some might stay on over the weekend.

I believe it happens in there

Where can you park?

LSZH/Zurich probably isn’t an option anymore so check out some the following. But do it fast. Spots are filling quickly and its pretty much on a first come first served basis at this point.

  • LSMD/Dubendorf
  • EDDL/Düsseldorf
  • LOWW/Vienna
  • LFSB/Basel
  • EDNY/Friedrichshafen
  • LSZR/St.Gallen Altenrhein
  • LSZS/Samedan

Some of the nearer options

Here is some info on the ones you might not have info on.


Respositioning to and from LSZH/Zurich is not possible – there are customs available, and aircraft must operate in an out as their destination and origin.

The airport is only available to WEF related flights during the WEF period. There is also a query over whether fuel is available so confirm with the agent.

  • Some contact info

If you want to use Dubendorf during the World Economic Forum you are going to have to speak to TopMotion as they are the main handlers here: +41 44 8420 10 60aircraft.handling@topmotion.ch

We got some info from them already. You can see their 2022 price list here and take a look at their WEF Air Crew Guide here.

  • Some operational info

Dubendorf’s runway 11/29 is 7726’ (2355m) x 40m.

Runway 29 is equipped with CAT I ILS and RNP approaches while runway 11 is, well, not, Something to do with the majorly high terrain they put directly by the runway. (OK, maybe the terrain was there first, but it does sit right where what would be the missed approach for 11 would take you).

The terrain is high with and MSA of 5000’ to the North, and then 9000’, 10400’ and 11200’ in the south. It’s that terrain that gives the ILS its 4.5° approach angle, which means you’re probably going to need a steep approach approved aircraft and some special training for here, before heading in.

The airport elevation is 1450’, and the missed approach (busy because of the terrain as well), has a required gradient of 6%.

This is a challenging airport


A good option… but parking may already be fully booked here.


Be aware as this airport is in Germany, fuel will generally be more expensive as the taxes are higher here.

  • Some contact info

Airport Services are you best bet. Try them on +49 7541 284 388 / info@handling-fdh.de

  • Some operational info

You have a 7730′ (2356m) runway with an ILS either end. There is a lot of terrain around here though, and the airport elevation is 1368′ so watch out.

Open 0500-2100z weekdays, and 0800-1900z on weekends, with overtime available on request. PPR will be required for stays of more than 90 minutes.

Parking should be possible, but expect to be repositioned for parking and servicing.

LSZR/St.Gallen Altenrhein

A decent option if you can fit on their shorter than other airports runway.

  • Some contact info

Get in touch with the airport directly for support. You can find them on +41 71 858 5165 / c-office@peoples.ch

  • Some operational info

You’ve only got 4774′ (1455m) to play with here. There is an ILS to 10, but it is 4°, and there is not published approach for 28. All this is because of the terrain in the south with MSAs of 10,200′ and 11,400′ to look out for as well as an elevation on 1306′.

BizAv is their business

Back to Zurich.

Zurich always has certain charges and restrictions in place, even when big events like the WEF aren’t taking place.


  • Landing charged, based on your weight
  • Noise supplement charge, that varies depending on whether you disturb the peace during the day or the night
  • An Emission charge based on amount of nitrogen oxide you emit
  • Parking charges based on how much you might weigh, and time spent parked there
  • Passengers, security and mobility support charges for passengers
  • Freight charges

All the details of all the charges are contained in their Big Document on Charges Regulation. Which you can read here (although this only runs until 1 April and they don’t seem to updated it yet.)

Anything else?

Yeah, slots. You need ‘em. Best sorting it via your handling agent.

Permits (in general)

Landing permits are not required for private GA/BA flights to Switzerland. You’ll only need a landing permit if you’re operating a charter flight on an aircraft not registered in the EU. For that, email the authorities direct at: trafficrights@bazl.admin.ch

Operational Stuff

Zurich is a relatively challenging Cat B airport. We made a little briefing on it here to help.

Tell us…

If you know of other options, let us know and we will share the info – team@ops.group


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