Comms problems in the Kabul FIR

By Declan Selleck


Aircraft in the eastern sections of the Kabul FIR can expect some radio issues, as a comm unit (VSAT at Ghanzi) is out of action.

Frequencies affected:

  • 118.3
  • 128.5
  • 126.325


  • M696 (between GIDOG and LAJAK)
  • A453
  • G206
  • N644
  • L750
  • M875

The advice from ATC in Afghanistan is to keep trying the assigned frequency until within range of a different transmitter; in the meantime, a bit of SLOP, IFBP and TCAS should keep you out of trouble.


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Declan Selleck

Declan Selleck

Declan is a Flight Service Specialist with OPSGROUP.

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