Navigating the AKARA Corridor

By David Mumford


Some big improvements are on the way for the AKARA Corridor – a piece of airspace 100nm off the coast of Shanghai that connects China and Japan.

In effect the airspace is being simplified. Currently, South Korea’s Incheon ACC controls North/South routes, while Japan’s Fukuoka ACC controls East/West. The two operate on different frequencies – a cause for concern for emergency descents while heavy aircraft out of ZPSD/Shanghai are often penalised with inefficient levels.

This area has always been unusual in that more than one center has had responsibility for controlling aircraft at different waypoints.

But on 11 Jan, 2021, ATC authorities in Japan, China and South Korea agreed to implement a proposal from ICAO regarding ATC management in this area – so from 25 March 2021, South Korea will control all flights in this area.

There will also be a new East/West route in addition to airway A593 to further improve efficiency. You can read all about the changes in more detail here.


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