Heading to St. Kitts? Don’t go to Guadeloupe by mistake

By Declan Selleck


An unfortunate naming conflict has been discovered by ATC Authorities in the Caribbean, where the waypoint LOMPA is the approach fix for RWY07 into St.Kitts, but also the approach fix for RWY30 into nearby Guadeloupe.

The first LOMPA is the IAF for the RNAV Approach to RWY 07 at TKPK/St. Kitts.

The second LOMPA is the IAF for the RNAV Approach to RWY30 at TFFR/Le Raizet – Guadeloupe.

St. Kitts are going to back down and change theirs to a different name, but in the meantime, watch out!




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Declan Selleck

Declan Selleck

Declan is a Flight Service Specialist with OPSGROUP.

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