Formula 1 & Movie Stars: Special Procedures in Southern France

By Chris Shieff


In Southern France, two of the biggest events of the year are taking place almost simultaneously – and it’s the perfect storm for an influx of private jet traffic to the region’s main airports.

The Cannes Film Festival has just started, and will run until May 28. This is followed by the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix on May 29.  As one of the most famous events in motorsport, it attracts huge crowds. Both these events are happening within 50nm of each other.

As a result, the nearest major airports, LFMD/Cannes and LFMN/Nice will see much higher traffic volumes than normal – and both airports are heavily restricting operations.

Three AIP SUPs have been issued for the events . Don’t feel like delving into all of them? We don’t blame you. Here’s a quick summary of what they cover.


AIP SUP 052/22 has the deets here.

The apron is going to be full. The airport isn’t normally coordinated, but you’ll need a slot if operating in or out between May 17 – 30. You’ll get a slot ID that needs to go into Item 18 on your ICAO flight plan.

Even if you like to manage things yourself, the use of handling agents will be mandatory during this time.

Also, if you’re planning on a short hop to LFMN/Nice on May 28-30, no bueno. More on that below.


Monaco itself doesn’t have an airport. In fact, it is the second smallest country in the world and is found on France’s Côte d’Azur – its south-eastern coast. Inside Monaco is the district of Monte Carlo, where the race is taking place.

The majority of passengers for the Grand Prix will enter via LFMN/Nice which is found around 20nm further west along the coast.

LFMN/Nice is the closest major airport to Monaco. Further west is LFMD/Cannes.


AIP SUP 058/22 is the one to check here.

  • All arriving and departing aircraft operating at Nice from May 24 -30 will also need to co-ordinate a time slot. You can either request one directly, or ask your handling agent to get one for you.
  • You won’t be eligible for a slot unless your handler has guaranteed you a parking space when you get there – so make sure there is room for your ride first.
  • When filing your flight plan, commercial operators won’t need to include their slot ID number. But if your arrival or departure time is outside your allocated slot, your plan will bounce back.

Restricted airspace.

Info on this is published in yet another SUP – this one: AIP SUP 107/22

  • From May 28 – May 30, special restrictions will apply to all traffic.
  • All VFR ops will be banned, and IFR flights will not be allowed between LFMN/Nice and LFMD/Cannes, which is a little further west along the coast.
  • There will be intensive low level helicopter traffic to look out for. For IFR traffic departing on a SID, it is important to follow published climb gradients and altitude requirements.
  • If you don’t think your ride will make it, you’ll need to let ATC know with your start up request. In that case you may get hit with a delay, but don’t spring it on them at the last minute.
  • A temporary restricted area will be in effect which will primarily affect traffic over the event, and at LFMN/Nice airport, and will apply from surface to 3,500’.
  • If you’re operating on a valid flight plan, the impact will pretty minor. Just make sure you are in contact with Nice Tower on 122.375, and follow their instructions. You’ll need permission to enter it.

Temporary restricted airspace will be in effect – make sure you’re in contact with Nice Tower before entering.

The big question, who will win?

Not only is he the championship leader, but Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc is also a local to Monaco. He’s the home favourite to top the podium on race day.

Some useful contacts.

LFMD/Cannes Airport Authority +33 (0) 4 89 88 98 28.


Skyvalet  +33 (0) 4 93 90 41 10,

LFMN/Nice Airport Authority +33 (0) 4 93 17 21 18. If you’re looking to get a slot approval directly from them, email


Menzies +33 (0) 4 83 76 26 02,

Signature +33 (0) 4 93 21 82 18,

Swissport  +33 (0) 4 93 21 58 12,



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