The Curious Case of the Bonus French ATC Strike

By David Mumford


Update 29 Jun 1130z: The bonus French ATC strike is underway. Remember, this only affects secondary and GA airports – not the big hubs or overflights. Eurocontrol report that worst affected airports today, with high delays, are as follows: LFOB/Beauvais, LFPB/Paris Le Bourget, LFPM/Paris Villaroche, LFOP/Rouen, and LFST/Strasbourg. And poor old LFRB/Brest is essentially closed until tonight. The strike ends June 30 at 04z.

There’s an ATC strike planned in France from the evening of June 28 to the early morning of June 30.

But this is a strange one, because major airports and enroute ACCs are not on strike – so overflights will not be affected.

It’s only secondary and general aviation airports that are striking – around 60 airports in total.

Notable ones that are popular bizav stops include:

  • LFLB/Paris Le Bourget
  • LFLB/Chambery
  • LFOB/Beauvais
  • LFLY/Lyon Bron
  • LFLP/Annecy
  • LFKJ/Ajaccio
  • LFKB/Bastia

You can check LFFF Notam F1038 for a full list of airports affected.

LFOB/Beauvais north of Paris is cutting flights by 50 percent, but there are no similar restrictions at any other airports so far…

What happened to the mass ATC strike in France?

This upcoming strike isn’t the same thing as the endless French ATC strike that’s been happening these past few months. That one affected major airports and the enroute ACCs (i.e. overflights), along with various different French overseas territories.

That mass strike was part of nationwide strike action and protests over pension reforms which have been trundling on since mid-Jan. The last day of mass ATC strike action was on June 6. Unions met on June 13 to discuss what they might do next, but they haven’t made any announcement on the outcome of those talks yet.

If and when they do schedule further action, ATC will probably get involved again and we’ll see more of the mass ATC strikes like before. If that happens, you’ll need to read this for guidance on what to do.

Other strikes in Europe to watch out for


ATC strikes are set to continue at sixteen airports through to the end of July. These may lead to delays and other disruption, to coincide with the busy summer season, but the impact of these strikes has only been minor so far. The airports impacted are: LECO, LEAL, LECH, GCHI, GCFV, LEIB, LEJR, GCRR, GCLA, LEDA, LEMI, LELL, LEZL, LEVC, LEVX, LECU.


There’s a nationwide 24hr ATC strike planned on July 15 (postponed from June 4). There’s no Notam for this yet, and so details are slim, but we know that overflights won’t be impacted, and there will likely be two time windows when flights to airports in Italy will be guaranteed: 7-10 and 18-21 local time. A few days beforehand, expect to see a Notam get published with more info.


Security staff are planning to strike at several major airports – on July 3 at ESGG/Gothenburg-Landvetter and ESSB/Stockholm Bromma, and on July 5-6 at ESSA/Stockholm Arlanda. There are various other dates potentially planned beyond these initial ones, but they’re hoping to negotiate a deal to avert more strikes.


There might be a ground staff strike on June 29. Unless an agreement is reached, workers plan to strike from 12pm that day. If it goes ahead, the union has said that all flights would be grounded – possibly a bit of an ambitious claim, but there would still likely be significant disruption.


Finally, some good news! The upcoming strikes by security staff have been called off! More than 2,000 staff were due to strike for 31 days this summer, affecting Terminals 3 and 5. But they’ve accepted a pay deal now, so the strike has been cancelled.


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