New Datalink Mandate in France

By David Mumford


Effective July 13, if you’re flying in France above FL195 and you have ATN CPDLC – you must use it!

Following the recommendation of the Eurocontrol Operational Focus Group (OFG), France is the first European country to mandate CPDLC logon in their airspace after Karlsruhe UAC (EDUU), Maastricht UAC (EDYY), and Cyprus (LCCC). The OFG recommendation is the result of the review of several incidents by ATCOs from 22 ANSPs.

What do you mean by “France”?

Anywhere in the LFFF, LFEE, LFMM, LFBB, or LFRR FIRs.

Where have they announced this?

In AIC 10/23.

Click to download PDF.

The AIC says the mandate only applies if you’re “capable and eligible”. What does that mean?

You’re capable and eligible if all of the following three things apply:

  • You have ATN CPDLC
  • Your equipment is not broken
  • The crew is trained on how to use datalink

If you don’t tick all three boxes, you can still fly above FL195 in France – they won’t restrict you. They’re just saying that you must logon if you can.

What if I only have FANS datalink?

This new rule in France only applies to aircraft with ATN CPDLC – those with FANS 1/A (or with no datalink at all) will continue to supported by conventional VHF. Dual-stack aircraft should be reconfigured to logon via ATN

Do I have to register my aircraft on the Logon List?

No. You don’t have to sign up to the Logon List to use CPDLC in France. France doesn’t use the Logon List yet. The only places where you need to be on this list is for flights in Switzerland, Germany, and Maastricht-UAC controlled airspace (i.e. the upper airspace above FL245 over Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg). France plans to join from 2026.

Is this new rule in France the same thing as the European Datalink Mandate?

No. The European Datalink mandate is for CPDLC equipage for flights above FL285 throughout Europe. This new French mandate applies not on the carriage but on the logon for flights above FL195.

Another important distinction – none of the European Datalink exemptions apply for aircraft which are equipped with CPDLC, as this new French rule has nothing to do with the Datalink mandate! (i.e. the exemptions we detail here do not apply, such as aircraft with 19 seats or less and a MTOW less than 100,000 lbs).

Where else in Europe do I have to logon to CPDLC?

Provided you’ve got ATN CPDLC, here are the places in Europe where logon is mandatory:

  • Maastricht UAC (EDYY) and Karlsruhe UAC (EDUU) above FL285 (source: Eurocontrol)
  • Cyprus (LCCC FIR) above FL285 (source: AIP GEN 3.4.5)
  • France (LFFF, LFEE, LFMM, LFBB, LFRR FIRs) above FL195 (source: AIC 10/23)

Know of anywhere else that should be in this list? Let us know.

And for everything you need to know about the European Datalink Mandate and how it affects your flight, check our article. 


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