European ADS-B Mandate Postponed

By David Mumford


There was supposed to be a European ADS-B mandate coming in June 2020, but the deadlines are being pushed back.

Here’s the nutshell version of the amended requirements:

  • Any aircraft with a CofA from between 1995-2020 (i.e. pretty much everyone) won’t have to be fitted with ADS-B until 7th June 2023, but they will need to have a “retrofit program” established before 7th Dec 2020 (more on that below).
  • EXEMPT: Aircraft with a CofA before 1995; aircraft ceasing operations within the EU airspace prior to Oct 2025; aircraft doing maintenance or export/delivery flights.
  • One requirement that’s staying – all aircraft need to be equipped with Mode S ELS before 7th Dec 2020.

All of this has been published on the SESAR ADS-B webpage as one nice, neat little image:

On 29th April 2020, the EU approved and published these measures as Regulation 1207/2011 – the full text is available here.

And for guidance on exactly what your retrofit program should look like, check out the guidance here, as well as the FAQs here.


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